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    Mafia Wars: School of Choice: Property for Charity

    The image now has a name and the property is called School Of Choice. Things work a little different this time because you can purchase upgrade parts using cash instead of Reward Points. 100% of the proceeds from every purchased property upgrade or part to FATEM to support the School of Choice. To learn more about this charity, go here.
    Haiti's School of Choice provides access to hot meals and education to children living in the most extreme conditions of poverty.
    To learn about the impact of your contributions, watch the thank you video below.

    The School of Choice works just like the other Limited Time Upgrade Properties. You start at Level 0 and have a building platform.
    The upgrade parts are Treated Lumber, Galvanized Steel and Cordless Drill. Instead of Reward Point purchase buttons, there are USD purchase buttons. We are given a little less than 8 days to upgrade to Level 10.
    Each upgrade part costs 50 cents. Zynga shouldn't make things so difficult for the players if they want them to donate to this charity. There is no option to upgrade to the next level. You either have to make a single transaction for each part of the upgrade or you can upgrade to Level 10 for one cost ($140.00 if you are on Level 0). I would prefer this method but I need to know how many parts are needed to upgrade to each level.
    It's bad enough that we need to make individual fifty cent transactions and even worse that you don't get the part you purchased right away. There is also a bug that boots you from the Property Page to the Marketplace after you make the transaction and the only way to get back to the Property Page is to close the game and reenter (UPDATE: Zynga has fixed both these issues). All they need to do is offer an upgrade price for each level, have the upgrade parts appear instantly and keep us on the Property Page. Zynga is not helping FATEM and many will donate way less than they wanted to if these bugs aren't fixed.

    How many parts you need is not known yet. I will update the chart below when I have time to make a ton of fifty cent transactions as I build my property. So far it looks like we will need more parts than we did for the Toy Store. Because you can purchase a full upgrade for $140.00, some assume that we will need 280 parts (140/.50=280). For a complete review on how property part request work and the best strategy, go here. Under normal circumstances, I would discourage purchasing any parts. Since the proceeds are for charity, it's not a bad idea and may reduce a lot of the spam. UPDATE: We need a total of 291 parts and not 280. You will save $5.50 if you purchase the entire upgrade at once.

    1 1 1 1 3
    2 2 1 2 5
    3 3 2 3 8
    4 4 3 4 11
    5 6 4 5 15
    6 8 5 8 21
    7 11 10 11 32
    8 17 12 17 46
    9 25 14 25 64
    10 35 16 35 86
    Grand Total 112 68 111 291

    The items for you can craft from your School of Choice were added to the inventory right before it was released.
    Here is a closer look at the best level of each item.

    The Sports Coach comes with +4 Defense and the Quarterback +4 Stamina.

    The New York Property Page is getting crowded and nobody knows when Zynga will stop. We figured they were done about one row ago but they found room for more.

    None of the Material is uploaded or provided by us, everything is done by the source: MWLOOTLADY

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