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    MafiaWars Live: Episode 8

    Mafia Wars Live: Episode 7 (Recap)

    Hey Mafia Fans,

    Here is a collective list of Questions and Answers from the LIVE show yesterday. If you need clarification on any answer or would like to ask a new question, feel free to post in the thread for the August 10th Q&A.

    Mafia Wars Live: Episode 8

    Percues asked: Why are the loot drops in Italy so bad? Roman Legions may be giftable, but it is almost impossible to loot them from Italy and even worse when trying to get it from, a Mystery Bag.

    All loot is not created equal. Some of the more powerful loot are made with a lower drop rate than the less powerful items.

    Igtenos asked: How concerned are you about the power creep -- the phenomenon where loot values increase over time?

    Power creep is something that we are actively monitoring. We have everything on a slow steady track. Part of monitoring power creep is to also creep giftable item power.

    Don JImbo asked: Can you re-design the fight results page to display the defensive items that we used in a fight where we lost?

    I dont think it fits there, when im attacking, i will always want to see my attack items, but i agree we should be a way to see those items other than asking a friend to attack you. Perhaps an option on the inventory page.

    SmashedEngineer asked: One of my mafia members quit the game because you guys did nothing about the war glitches and script users. He is, was, a great player. Is that enough motivation for some steps or should I wait for my mafia members to thin more?

    The declare war bug should be fixed tomorrow.

    LeoWong asked: Is it possible to have events like Beat the Feds, San Juan Boss Fight back again? I kind of liking them and of course using Stamina like the old way. No Ammo on this one please.

    We have gotten a lot of feedback for the return of stamina based boss fights. We are currently developing a system that incorperates both consumables and stamina attack options so players can pick how they want to play.

    Markall42 asked: Why do the Stamina Packs not have a timer like the Energy Packs?

    This was a beta test and we will be changing that up when and if we make it permanent.

    Julez Antoine asked: Can the next stop be Australia? Melbourne and Sydney would be great... and then have mafia New Zealand.

    Weíll keep it under consideration for the next challenge mission event.

    BP1435 asked: Why has nothing been done with the Crime Spree? Once you hit level 10 the thing is basically useless except for the Stamina/Energy you get for helping.

    Crime spree is a feature that I would like to see removed from the game. Players do like the energy/stamina buffs from it though, so untill we can find a place for that functionality, it will likely live on as is.

    Miki077 asked: Can we remove items from profile pages? Whenever I view mine or someone elses, my computer freezes for a few seconds.

    The profile page is in sore need of an update. Iíll see if we cant make the item lists into expandable lists that you can open and close; our UI people might be mad at me now, though.

    Tstsharp asked: Would it be possible to ditch the ....send free gifts/open gifts pop ups at log on? Many times when I log on, I can see "war declared" in the background, but by the time the windows finally load and I can close them, I can't even ask for help before the war has ended.

    I dont think it will go away, but i can look into having it blocked when loading in from a time sensitive link.

    Lespoot asked: I thought the new Ice Season was fun. That is until it was almost impossible to fight. As soon as the screen refreshes everybody is iced. So it is almost impossible to ice a few players. Is there anything we can do about that?

    We are currently testing some changes to the fight list that should make it more likely for you to find live targets which should help with the issue.

    OneofOneZ asked: Why the emphasis on fighting now?

    We want mafia wars to be a super fun, super social game. Between fighting and jobbing, fighting is a more fun/social part of the game, so we have been trying to make meaningful improvements to fighting.

    Jennifer P asked: Are we going to get new Brazil Collections? We were told on June 17th via a Customer Support doc that 3 new collections would be added to Brazil. This information was removed from the Brazil FAQ on June 20th. There has been no official word on the status of these collections. Some players have been waiting to further master Brazil until the collections are out and it would be nice to know if we are waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

    We are looking into why this happened and apologize that you were not notified

    Eluniumman asked: When will Cuba and Moscow be back?

    Cuba, Moscow, and soon to be Bangkok will be closed until we can give them a proper overhaul and re-release them, if we do so at all. one thing we donít want to do is have 20 options in the travel menu, making it more difficult to collect all your properties, build all your properties, and so on. Only having 3 or 4 options seems a bit more reasonable.

    JMWJ asked: Is there any way for us to be notified when Skill Point Reallocation is going on?

    That seems like a good idea. Would an opt in email make sense?

    Moogle asked: Since we are limited to 5 war loots per day, could an option to decline the loot be added? It's wrong that it hurts a player's build when they help their mafia in the lower tier wars.

    Agreed. Iíll look into it

    Brighty asked: What is Zyngas main aim in the next 6 months?

    Doubling down of families. Making features that highlight and award your most active friends, more of the same.

    BlackBolt1 asked: When will Loyalty Point Loot be updated?

    No time soon. It will likely be part of a bigger reworking.

    Mark_K555 asked: Is there any intention of making more items giftable that players are still using, or can use, that would reinvogorate the trading community?

    We recently added several hundred items to the giftable list and are planning on rolling more out on a regular basis.

    TheMightyOne asked: When is this loot design contest and can it be held on the forums?

    Coming in August! Glad to see some excitement already building

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