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    MafiaWars: Betrayal In Bangkok Mission Walk Through

    The Betrayal in Bangkok Mission only has 6 Parts and we have over 7 days to complete it. There wasn't anything that difficult and there should be plenty of time to complete it. I can't say the same for Bangkok but there is 5X mastery and that should help players. The challenge is acquiring enough Baht.
    I'm not sure what all the fuss about Pirates was because there are no requirements for them in this Mission. Doing jobs in Bangkok wasn't even required. Maybe they are to help players who haven't finished Bangkok yet.

    Part 1
    Urgent: Send Help
    Any Mission revolving around Bangkok should start out in Brazil..Right? You need to get 6 Brazil Crew Members in your queue. If you already have like I did then the objective will be auto checked before you begin.
    If you don't have 6 Crew Members, click on the "Recruit" button to generate a news feed post.
    Now craft two items in your Armory. There is an 18 hour timer between builds.
    Most players who haven't completed Bangkok really need Baht. Zynga felt $10,000 Real would be a more appropriate award for a Mission focused on Bangkok!
    The loot item rewards are 10 Hyro Gloves (useless!) and 5 Djinn Roadsters.

    Part 2
    Welcome Wagon
    Get support from your mafia 5 times. Don't forget you can generate a news feed request by using the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet by Team Spockholm and make this dreaded task much easier.
    Take out 30 Neo-Imperium Goons. Goons are found on the Bangkok fightlist and each one costs 4 stamina to attack.
    There are no loot rewards but players who need Baht will be happy. I know it's not much but it's better than Real.

    Part 3
    It was a Trap
    Here is where the Forger's Gloves come into play. You need to accept 8 of them. I posted a Free Gift Link using the Link-a-Nator and plenty of my mafia members sent one back. You can also use the Get-a-Nator to make this task easy as apple pie.

    Now fight 30 opponents. Power attacks will count as 5 and losses count as well. The only catch is you have to be in Bangkok.
    You will get 10 more Hyro Gloves and 3 Moose as your loot reward. Honestly, what is with all these Hyro Gloves? They are junk.

    Part 4
    The Shadow King's Fate
    Declare War 2 times. There is an 8 hour timer between wars.
    Ice 5 Opponents. If you're still working on Ice Seasons: 03, you can kill two birds with one stone.
    Collect from your Fighting Fish Arena two times. There is an 8 hour timer between collections.
    There are no loot rewards but you get $36,00 Baht and 4 Hired Guns, not to mention the experience which really is the only thing that make these Missions worth the effort.

    Part 5
    Death to the Disgraced
    Collect 15 more Forger's Gloves from your Free Gifts.
    Loot 20 Inside Tips from fights. You will see them drop but when you check your inventory they are there. Each Inside Tip reduces the energy cost of a job by -16.
    Now take out 10 Neo-Imperium Bodyguards. Each on costs 6 stamina to attack.
    Again with the Hyro Gloves? This loot reward brings the total up to 30 and the Mission isn't even over. The 3 Naughty or Nice weapons would have been cool if it weren't for the Bolt Pistol (which has an attack score of 100) from fighting

    Part 6
    Bye Bye Bangkok
    I thought the fist objective was going to be a Boss Fight but it turned out to be pretty lame. You need to take out Toshiki and you can find him on the fightlist.
    He cost 40 stamina to attack and it takes one mouse click.
    Now get 6 more Brazil Crew Members in your queue. If your queue is full, you will need to activate Crew Positions to make room and then request more members.

    Rob 15 times in Bangkok. If you lose, it won't count.
    If you use one of your Rob Squad boosts, it will count for 9 robberies (if you win them all).

    Collect from your Ammo Trading Camp two times. There is a 24 hour timer between collections.
    The Grand Prize loot item is a Dragontongue. You will also get $72,000 Baht.

    When the Mission is completed, it will move off your Missions Bar but will remain on the Home Page Module and you can watch the countdown for Bangkok to be closed.

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