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    Mafia Wars: Collectable Stat Cards

    Zynga must be on a deadline to get all of their crap pushed out before the new Mafia Wars Team takes over next year. Hopefully there will be players left! There is a new feature called Collectable Stat Cards. As if we don't have enough stuff to collect in Mafia Wars! The only way to get these cards as of right now is to buy them. I call bullshit on this one! Let the players who don't spend money enjoy the game too. If they all quit than so will the paying customers. Hopefully this is an oversight and there will be a way to get cards for doing game related tasks.
    If you open the help mark, you learn a little more about this feature. You can collect cards (they don't mention where or how) to get skill points and you earn Mastery Cards when you collect all cards in a series. If you collect all of the cards you get a "Huge" bonus.
    Go to your Inventory Tab, click on the Collections & Vaults Tab and you will see a new tab called "Collectable Cards". You can also get there by clicking on the "View Cards" button from the banner.
    I purchased one card for 15 Reward Points to see what would happen.
    I got this popup and +3 was added to my Health and +1 to my Attack.
    The Card also appeared in my Collectable Cards Page.
    At the bottom of the popup shown above, the series was shown and this card was highlighted. There is an option to "Buy Small Pack" and "Buy Large Pack". Small Pack and Large Pack are just fancy terms for 1 and 3 cards. How can they call something a pack if it only has one item? If you're going to buy these the good news is you get a tick for the Bloody Christmas Marketplace Promotion.
    Small Pack

    Large Pack
    The loot items we were all curious about the other day are for this feature (1). They are labeled "from Jobs" but you can only get cards, and therefore the items below, by spending Reward Points.

    Mike Nestor purchased enough items to get a complete set in all Series. Below is a list of all rewards. The rest of this post was written by Mike. One you have completed a Series, you need to go to the location it tells you to get the loot item.
    Series 1
    Paradise City, Las Vegas

    Series 2
    Brazil, Rio di Janeerio: Centro

    Series 3
    Italy, Palermo

    Series 4
    Chicago, Sam's Truck Shop

    Series 5
    Las Vegas, North Las Vegas

    Once you have completed all 5 series, you will see a Set Complete! Collect Reward button appear in the popup.

    Hit the Collect Reward to receive the Mastery Item, Golden Eye, it has stats of 200 Att / 200 Def. This item will more than likely replace your best Offensive Weapon.

    Note: This cost me 942 RP to complete the set, I purchased 22 sets of 3. It could take less or more to complete, depending on your luck.
    I asked Mike to send an image of his completed Collection Page to see just how many skill points he got for the 942 Reward Points. You will get anywhere between 3-7 skill points per card. Mike got a total of 253 Skill Points making the cost 3.72 Reward Points per 1 Skill Point. There are much better deals in the game. This feature will attract the collectors and players who like to complete everything. Once you have all the cards, you can still purchase more. Mike has spent over 12,000 energy and the loot items that you have a "chance" of dropping haven't dropped for him yet. The more I think about this, the more I don't like it. They would have been better off using the developer time to fix the game rather than add a feature that has pissed off a lot of players.

    Series #1: 50 Series #2: 27 Series #3: 73 Series #4: 46 Series #5: 57

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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