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    Mafia Wars: Dearly Departed Mission Complete Walkthrough

    Dearly Departed is the next Limited Time Mission with a good chance to win a Grand Prize of Z Reaper of 162 A / 95 D. It will be around for the next two weeks and many are furious that Zynga has dumped another event on us. I'm not too pleased about it either. This was the first time since I've played Mafia Wars that I had to choose between events and blow some of them off. This Mission isn't that bad and most should be able to finish it within 2 weeks. There were a few high energy tasks but not many that stalled the Mission. There are a total of 9 parts and 1 Bonus Mission.

    Part 1
    Non Serviam
    Acquire 10 Weapons: Historically, these types of tasks directed users to the Marketplace but surprisingly when you click on the "Go Now" button, you are directed to the Chicago City Store. You don't have to purchase weapons here, you can get them from doing jobs, fights and robs as well as purchase them from the City Stores in other destinations or even the Marketplace. I purchased 10 Baseball Bats from the New York City Store and was done with the task.
    Build Two Armors From Your Armory: This is a straight forward task. The only thing that will slow you down is the 18 hour timer between crafting. If you normally purchase speed builds then now would be a good time to do it.
    Fight 60 Opponents in Chicago: Just go to your Chicago Fight list and start attacking. It doesn't matter if you win, lose or the target is already iced. The opponents don't have to be different targets, if you use the Power Attack button, you will get credit for fighting 5 opponents.
    The loot reward is 3 Hotsy Totsys.

    Part 2
    A Friend in Need
    Build 2 Items From Your Warehouse: Your Chicago Warehouse is full of useless loot items. Build any two to complete this task. There is an 23 hour timer between builds. Warehouse items are giftable. I sent one to another account to see if that would give credit for this task but it does not.
    Activate 6 Crew Members In Chicago: Go to the Chicago, Job, Fight or Property Page and place 6 Crew Members into your bonus slots. If your queue is empty, you will need to fill it with 6 players before you can do this task. If your bonus positions are full, you will have to wait for the 8 hour timer to expire. If you don't want to wait, sometimes accepting Crew Requests from your mafia will count.
    Loot 15 Concrete Shoes from Job: "Undercover A Plot Against You": Go to District 3 (The Old Warehouse) and look for the Concrete Shoe icon. The bad news for those who ruby mastered this job is it costs 864 energy and the Concrete Shoes don't have good drop rates. Use your Lockpick bonus to help.

    There are no loot rewards but you get 15 Clams!

    Part 3
    Get Support From Your Mafia: Get 5 players to accept your Mission requests or accept those that have empty spots in theirs. Only accept Mission Crew Requests that have the "Join Crew and Thanks" button. If they just say "Join Crew", they are return requests and won't help anybody.
    If you are having trouble, use the Gift Blaster by Team Spockholm. The Mission Crew Help requests is only present when you have an active Mission task.
    Job: Intimidate The Local Crime Ring: I was lucky and this task was auto-checked for me. If you don't get so lucky, go to District 2 of Brazil and do the job 40 times. The cost is 189 energy if you have ruby mastery.
    Rob 40 Times in Brazil: Go to the Brazil Robbing Board and rob 40 properties. Use your Rob Squads to make it easier. You can also rob individual properties but it will take longer. I used Robber BG by Team Spockholm and it was done in a few minutes.
    The loot reward is 2 Muzzle Madnesses. I love it when the loot rewards are useful. This rarely happens so now I'm excited to keep going.

    Part 4
    The New Order
    Clear 4 Robbing Boards: The "Go Now" button will take you to the robbing board in Chicago but the destination doesn't matter. I prefer to rob in New York because of the better experience/stamina ratio so that's where I did this task.
    Ask For 8 Documents From Your Mafia: This task was auto-checked for me. If you need to do it, click on the "Ask" mafia to generate a document request post. You can ask every 2 hours if your mafia is not responsive on the first try. I used the images from the last Mission since my task was done for me. There are no limits on these requests so if you have left overs from a previous Mission, you get credit.

    Win 35 Fights In Italy: Go to Italy and win 30 fights. Power Attacks will count as 5 and opponents who are already ices will count as long as you can beat them.
    There are no loot rewards but we are offered 25 Clams instead.

    Part 5
    The Hunt
    Collect From Your Truck Shop 4 Times: There is an 8 Hour timer between Truck Shop collections so this task should take a little over a day.
    Ice 25 Opponents In Brazil: Go to Brazil and start fighting. If you are still working on your Ice Season, this task will help you with that. Attacks costs 5 stamina each in Brazil so you may end up using a good amount. Kills will count for 2 ices in this task.
    Rob 10 Barrack: Go to the Brazil Robbing Page and look for Barracks to rob.
    If you don't want to waste stamina by robbing the other properties on the board, use the Robber Reduex Spocklet which can be found on the Spockholm Toolbar. It will target rob Barracks and this task will be much easier. The script is run from the fightlist and not the robbing page.
    The loot reward is 4 Snowdrifts. You know loot sucks when is has a Add to Wishlist link on it. I would hardly call this a reward.
    Part 6
    No Mercy
    Job: "Eliminate The Competition": Go to District of 5 of Chicago and do this job 30 times. It costs 1,080 energy per job on the ruby level so it's going to take some energy.
    Declare A War 4 Times: There is a 8 hour timer between declaring wars so this will slow you down a day.
    Take Out 7 Melvillio Brothers: Go to your Italy Fightlist and locate the Melvillio Brother. Each brother costs 13 stamina to attack.
    Don't forget to use the Assassin NPC Spocklet to get this task done with just a few clicks.
    There are no loot reward but you will get 20 Clams.

    Part 7
    Follow or Perish
    Acquire 15 Animals: Do the same thing you did in Part 1 and gather up 15 Animals any way you want. The "Go Now" button takes you to the Marketplace this time. I purchased 25 Red Tailed Hawks from the New York City Store.
    Job: Catch A Saboteur: Go to District 6 in Chicago and do the first job 40 times. My task was auto-checked, if I would have had to do it it would have cost 43,200 energy! Love the auto-check!!!
    Fight 80 opponents in New York: Just go to New York and start attacking. It doesn't matter if it's a win, loss or a dead target. You get credit for all fights in New York.
    The loot reward is 2 Suicide Spatz. I'll take them!

    Part 8
    Job: "Order A Hit On Disloyal Associates": Go to District 3 in Chicago and do the job 60 times. Again, this energy intensive task was auto-checked for me. That saved me 51,840 energy!
    Get Support From Your Mafia: Do the same thing you did in Part 1 only this time you need 10 members to join your Mission Crew.
    Collect From Your Headquarters 3 Times: You can collect on your Brazil Headquarters every 8 hours.

    Part 9
    Another Fire
    Win 45 Fights In Chicago: Go to the Chicago fightlist and win 45 fights.
    Ask For 10 Chicago Cash From Mafia: Click the "Ask Now" button to generate a post that 10 of your mafia members will need to click on. If you mafia isn't responsive, you can ask again in 2 hours.
    Loot 25 Incriminating Documents From Job: "Expose A Treachery In Your Family: Go to Chicago District and located the job with the Incriminating Documents icon. Do this job until you loot 25 Incriminating Documents. The drop rate of these are pretty decent but the job costs 432 energy.

    The loot reward is the Grand Prize which is the Z Reaper and has stats of 162/95.
    As soon as you collect your bonus, you will see a blue bouncy banner indicating there is a Bonus Mission. It's not as exciting as it sounds. By now, one is sick of the Mission.
    The Bonus Mission has a dark blue background and the task seem a little more difficult than in the other parts of the Mission. Zynga forgot to change the name on the front code. All references to Missions in the back code say Quest.
    Part 10
    Bonus Mission: A New Beginning
    Win 300 Fights In Chicago: This type of task has shown up several times. I think they are running out of ideas.
    Clear 20 Robbing Boards: The "Go Now" button will take you to the Chicago Robbing Board but you can clear them in any destination. If you are just ready to be done with this, use Robber BG and check the Rob Squad box. It should take only a few minutes to get it done.
    Collect From Your Truck Shop 5 Times: You need to wait 8 hours between collections so this task will take 40 hours if you don't miss your timers.
    For some reason you don't get a second Grand Prize for completing the Bonus Mission. In the Holiday Spirit of screwing over their players (1), Zynga is at it again. Instead of a useful Grand Prize item, we get 6 pieces of useless loot. If you bother to do this Bonus Mission you will get 3 Fur Collar Vests and 3 Lounge Lizards.

    Thanks to Leonard Wong, I can stop working on this Mission and finish at a non-Reward Point spending pace. Once you collect on the Bonus Mission, the Mission is complete and there are no more parts.

    Credits & Source: MWLOOTLADY

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