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    Mafia Wars: Holiday Treasure Hunt: Candy Cane Loot Drop

    The second unique loot item, the Candy Cane, of the Holiday Treasure Hunt is now unlocked and dropping. The objective is the same as the Wreath. Get 150 Candy Canes to earn 6 chances to open a prize.
    Candy Canes drop in fights, robs and jobs. Many players are reporting extremely high drop rates and are maxing out on their 6 chances right away.

    When you earn enough to open a present, you will see a gold wrapped gift box drop. Don't go searching for this item in your inventory. It only serves as a notification that you can open a present and has caused some confusion. Note from the image below that the Lockpick bonus will not double the loot drops for this event.
    If you didn't get 150 Wreaths, they will still drop as well but at a much lower rate. I spent about 20K energy to get the one shown below. It seems that one Wreath will drop for about every 5 or 6 Candy Canes. There is very little consistency between accounts with this event. Some players are not getting very many to drop and have had to battle it out with Customer Support. I know for a fact there is a problem because I've spent over 400,000 energy on alternate account and haven't gotten any Wreaths or Candy Canes. It seems players who weren't getting items from fights and robs have noticed a fix.
    When you get your 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, and 150th Candy Cane you earn a chance to get a Grand Prize by opening up a present. When you are eligible to open a present, the number of chances you have are listed on the far left of the banner. Click the "Unwrap Now" button to get to the
    You will notice right away that the present board is the same one you were working on for the Wreath (unless you were able to reset it by getting a Grand Prize). Just pick a present and click on it. The present board has been tested by many in the community and there is no pattern. It's all random so don't stress out over which one to choose.
    I got a Santa's Hat and you can see the items I got from the previous loot drop are still there.
    The present board remains the same until you get a grand prize which is a Naughty List. You will then get the opportunity to reset the board and try for another one.
    When you hit your limit of 150 Candy Canes, it will say "Max Chances Received" on the banner and you won't see them drop anymore. If you haven't gotten
    In two days from now the Ornament will start dropping and we can get 6 more chances for free. You can always use Reward Points if you don't want to wait but I wouldn't recommend it, go buy skill points instead.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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