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    Mafia Wars: Bronze-Gold Star Loot: Make It Useful

    When Zynga introduced the concept of loot with different levels, players often got confused and thought loot was erroneously removed from their inventory. We quickly learned that when you have a bronze star item and earn a silver star item, the bronze star item vanishes into thin air. The Family Property feature provides a way to make use of bronze-gold starred items. All players were given a blank canvas when the Artillery Station was put into the game.

    At first many didn't know what they were doing and unfortunately lost valuable loot items. The goal of adding loot items to your Family Property is to increase the health. The higher the total health of the property, the less damage your attackers will do when they get a successful robbery. All members of the family contribute to the total health score and the level of the property is a factor as well. In theory, the better the items you add, the stronger your property will be. The difference between weak and strong items is not that significant. In the example below, I added the lowest items to my property. My total contribution to the Health Bonus is +215. Note that each item has a gold border. Any unique category item will offer a bonus of +20. If you have 5 items from 5 different categories, you will get a bonus of +100. The total health of my Family Property is 6,469.

    I got rid of all the crappy items and added the best items. This is an alternate account so I didn't worry about giving up my best items. My health bonus jumped to +2073 and the total health of my Family Property was increased by 93 health points. With a total health of 6,469, that's not really a big difference. A higher health score will not help you with attacks, it will only reduce the amount of damage an attacker does to your property. Many are learning that most attacks to Family Properties are failures and stamina is not properly utilized.

    If you want to have good loot items in your Family Property but don't want to lose them, there is a perfect solution. If you add an item with a bronze, silver or gold star and earn the next highest item, you will get to keep it. In the example below. I loaded my property up with gold and bronze star items from Chicago and Brazil.

    I then went and earned the next highest items.

    When I checked my inventory, all the higher level loot items were in my inventory. I'm not sure if this is something Zynga doesn't want to happen. It does say "Items of all classes may be contributed, excluding limited or restricted items" in the instructions. I haven't found any items that were restricted and this could be an oversight. Perhaps the many players who lost their mastery items because they didn't understand this feature would have been saved the loss if Zynga restricted these. If this is the way it's meant to be then it's a great way to utilize your bronze-gold star loot because you will lose it when you reach the next level.

    Thanks to Mike Gurney for asking me if this was possible. I would have never thought to try it.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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