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    Mafia Wars: Holiday Treasure Hunt Event

    The Christmas Event hit at midnight Zynga time and is called the Holiday Treasure Hunt.

    The simple directions say to "Unwrap presents and find hidden prizes, including the hidden grandprize loot item!". To get more details, click on the help mark located in the upper right corner of the banner. Oh great, another complicated event! It's not as difficult as it appears.

    You need to collect "unique loot" from doing fights, jobs and robs. The unique loot items don't have names on the front code of the game but fortunately I know plenty of people who can read the back code. The items are officially called a Wreath, Candy Cane, Ornament and a Stocking. For today and tomorrow the item that will drop is the wreath. Every two days, the next item will unlock and start dropping. The item that previously locked will still drop but at a lower rate.

    Items drop from fights, jobs and robs. There is a bug with robbing and you won't see them drop but they still do. Track your progress right on the banner.

    When you earn enough Wreaths to open a present, you will see a Gold Gift Box drop. This just means you have earned a chance to open a gift with a Grand Prize item.

    Because Zynga cares so much and wants us to get as many Wreaths as possible, they are offering a boost called the Holiday Light.

    The boost claims to give you double the chance of a holiday loot dropping for the next 10 minutes. I call bullshit on that. I purchased one and fought like crazy for 10 minutes and only 1 Wreath dropped. Many are having issues with Wreaths dropping and it seems not all accounts are the same. I believe there is a bug and some accounts just aren't dropping them. I used over 100K energy on my alternate account and only 2 Wreaths dropped while 8 of them dropped on my main with only about 7K energy. Something isn't right.

    Another thing that pissed me off about the Holiday Light is you don't get a tick mark for the Bloody Christmas Marketplace Promotion. It's a really stupid boost because you can buy 1 chance to open a present for the same cost.

    When you collect enough Wreaths, go to the Home Page and click on the Open Now button.

    A page with 25 presents will appear. Choose any one of them. This is what Zynga is referring to as a "chance" because one of the presents will contain the Grand Prize Loot item.

    You are hoping that the present you open contains the Grand Prize item which is shown at the bottom of the page. If you don't get the Grand Prize, you will get something (unless of course you encounter one of the many bugs present in this event). Some players are not getting anything and they need to contact Customer Support. I got a Santa's Hat when I opened my first present.

    Some other items players submitted on the fan page are shown below. Go here to see all the new loot associated with this event.

    Go here for more details about all the loot associated with this item. I suspect in two days from now, we will get an additional 6 items to correspond with the next unique loot item (the Candy Cane) that drops while performing game functions.

    If you get the Naughty List (the Grand Prize), you are able to reset the board and possibly get a another item. You are still only allowed 6 free chances per unique loot drop. In theory if you were sitting on a horseshoe and go really lucky, you could open a Naughty List 6 times in a row.

    You just need to keep doing fights, jobs and robs to collect enough Wreaths to get another chance. You can earn 6 free chances but each one comes with steeper requirements.

    # Wreaths

    Once you get 150 Wreaths, it will say "Max Chances Received" and you will get no more free chances for the item.

    If you aren't satisfied with the items your presents contained, you can always buy more chances for 10 Reward Points each. You won't get a tick mark for the Marketplace Promotion for this either.

    Thanks to Mike Nestor, Leo Liblik, Aaroo Stagnetti and Leonard Wong for the screen shots and explanations on the fan page.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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