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    Mafia Wars: Bloody Christmas Marketplace Promotion

    The Bloody Christmas Marketplace Promotion is now on. A Home Page banner has replaced the "Coming Soon" ad.

    When you go to Mafia Wars, you will get a popup with instructions. The promotion will last from now until December 26th at 11:59pm PST.

    For today only, Reward Points are 60% off. Count on being hounded by this popup all day long.

    If you really want to save, buy Gift Cards because there is a redemption bonus. Zynga likes to be confusing so don't be fooled by the 60% off. What they want to say is you will get 60% more Reward Points but the Gift Cards you redeem are at face value. The good news here is if you buy Gift Cards on line, they will cost 30% less (1).

    Mike Nestor is the math guy. He went online to purchase a gift card and spent 7 dollars instead of 10.

    Instead of 60 Reward Points, he got 151.

    The closest match on the 60% off deal is 85 Reward Points for 8 dollars. You would be crazy not to take the time and buy a Gift Cars. The savings are much higher than the standard 60% off.

    This ones works like all the others before it so there is no need to worry about confusion. Buy any item in the Marketplace that costs 5 Reward Points or more (excluding Loyalty Program, Fight Club, Pawnshop, Treasure Chest keys, Skill Point Reallocation) and you get a tick mark. They always forget to tell you that speed builds from your properties don't count and buying energy or stamina refills from the Job or Fight Page don't count.

    Many items are on sale including some of the stats items. Skill Points are now 4 for 12 Reward Point instead of 4 for 14. It's still better to speed up your crafting timers but you won't get a tick mark for it.

    There are also hourly sales and you never know what will be offered.

    Crates which are popular during these promotions are on sale for 1 Crate for 6 Reward Points or 3 for 18. It's best to buy single Crates because you will get one tick mark for each. If you buy three at a time you only get one tick mark instead of 3.

    The best way to fill your progress bar is to buy single Crates. In addition to getting the Hitman, you will also get 15 other good loot items. As always, buying loot is never a good idea. Most of it becomes obsolete in a short time frame but it's still fun to do it.

    When you fill up your progress meter, you are rewarded with 1 Hitman and you can start all over.

    If you want your mafia members to think you're an idiot because you are still spending money on this game, there is a share button and you can let them know. Addictions can be a very bad thing at times.

    Thanks to Carrie for sharing the linked article on our fan page. I knew I would find a use for it!

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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