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    MafiaWars: Ice Season: 03

    Ice Season: 02 just expired......
    ....and in the blink of an eye, Ice Season: 03 is upon us. The same rules apply, get 1,000 ices total to fully master the event. Icing the same target more than 50 times will activate the Bully Throttle and further ices to that player will not count towards mastery.
    To claim your badge and reward from Season 02, click on the "Collect" button located to the far left of the Ice Season Module.
    Your badge will reflect what level of the highest tier you were on when the event expired and your loot item will reflect the highest tier that you fully mastered. These are not always the same. In the example below, this person fully mastered the Gold Tier but didn't master the first level of the Ruby Tier. If you don't collect the loot item and your new badge, your profile will retain the old badge. If you're into badges more than loot, it's always an option to stay at the highest one by not collecting.
    Always check and make sure the correct item is in your inventory. If it isn't, Customer Support can help you.
    Now start icing and hope you can make it to 1,000 in the next 7 days. The Grand Prize loot reward for Season 03 is a Aviatrix Hawk Helm. The stats of the item you receive (listed below) will vary depending on what level of mastery you obtain.
    The milestone ice rewards are exactly the same as they were for Seasons 01 and 02 (see the image above for the Bronze Tier rewards).

    I remember what it felt like to get my 1,000th ice last week. I was happy to be done with it and was ready to do some robbing for a change. The feeling didn't last long and now we have to all go through this again. I wish they would spread these out so we can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. Maybe someone should go all Get Satisfaction on Zynga.

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