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    MafiaWars: What & How To Buy Fight Club Loot

    I've been putting off buying Fight Club Loot just in case Zynga decided to throw some better loot our way. I have over 400,000 Victory Coins to spend but that's not enough to max out on everything. Like me, many will need to be selective in what they buy. There are several tools by Team Spockholm that will help you decide what to buy and make the process of buying individual items much easier. The first thing you need to do is look at your worst items. Use the Show Worst Items bookmarklet to get a basic idea of the equipment you'll want to replace. Here are the lowest stats for the 8 equipment categories that are active in my inventory. I would be wasting my Victory Coins if I purchased anything with lower stats.
    Now I need to take a look at how many of each item I own with the low stats. You can use the Spockholm Item Analyzer to figure that out. Click on the "Attack" and then the "Defense" link to get a list of your active inventory. Scroll to the bottom of each category to get the number of active items with the worst stats.
    Here are my active attack and defense items.

    My lowest active attack animals changed today with the addition of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. I got 53 of them for the day and they will be around for 4 more days so I will factor that into my decision of what Fight Club Loot to purchase.
    Here are my current overall equipment attack and defense scores and my Victory Coin balance.
    Here are the 8 new Fight Club loot items. Each item costs 750 Victory Coins and I have enough to buy 563 items.

    Here is a chart of the top Fight and Fight Club loot, what they will replace and the second best items. Ruby Level Loot is not included. Based on my worst items, you can see that I would b wasting Victory Coins if I purchased any Slaying Moons or Himalayan Wolfs.

    Loot Item
    2nd Best
    Bolt Pistol
    Fight Loot
    Roman Legion
    Slaying Moon
    Angel Arm
    Fight Club
    Idle Hands
    Gothic Boots
    Fight Club
    Femme Shot
    Tactics Vest
    Fight Club
    Splint Greaves
    Climber Leggings
    Fight Club
    Hang Man
    Reed Runner
    Fight Club
    Fearsome Flying Fortress
    Fight Club
    Ruby Throated Hummingbird
    Barn Owl
    Fight Loot
    Golden Poison Frog
    Himalayan Wolf

    Three-Banded Armidallo70/100(Brazil Job) has+2 on the Barn Owl
    Paraglider100/79(War) ties with the Hellion
    Monofin100/60(Operations) ties with Gothic Boots

    If you click on the "Hiding" Item Suggestions link at the bottom of the first box on the Spockholm Item Analyzer and then click on the "Showing" Marketplace Items, you will be left with Fight Club loot suggestions (assuming you are maxed out on Fight Loot). You will need to do this once for attack and once for defensive items by clicking on the Attack and Defense links in the first row.
    Here are the suggestions I was given. I don't have enough Victory Coins to buy all of these items.

    Based on the chart above and depending on how many Hummingbirds I get this week, it looks like the Gothic Boots will increase my attack score the most and the Reed Runner will help my defense the most. I care more about my attack score so I'll use most of my Victory Coins for that. I'd like my attack score to reach 190,000 so I will need to increase it by 7,378. I plan on getting as many Hummingbirds as possible so I'm not going to go all out with the Fight Club Loot until the Italian Jobs Event has expired. Whatever number I'm short of maxing on will be used to buy Cheetahs. I only want to get my defense score to 180,000 so I won't need to buy that many items. I need 1,013 points to get there. Each Reed Runner will add +19 to my defense score so I need to buy 54 of them. Here is the way Zynga expects us to do it. Go to the Marketplace and select the Fight Club Tab.
    Click on the yellow scroll arrow until you get to the item you want to buy.
    The Reed Runner is on the 8th page and there are a total of 10 pages. You would think Zynga could at least put the items that most players will be buying towards the front.
    You can click on the view All and get all the items listed on one page but you still have to scroll to the bottom and it takes about the same amount of time.
    From whatever way you choose to view the Fight Club loot, click on the "Buy Now" to purchase your item. After all that scrolling, the second thing that will annoy you is there isn't an option to buy more than one item at a time.

    The next thing that will annoy you is the bug still exists in the Marketplace and you have no clue how your item helped you defense score because it only lists the attack. You saw my worst items and this did nothing to improve my attack score. That up arrow is false advertising. If I had nothing better to do then click, I would be irritated that I couldn't even monitor my progress. The last thing that will make you go bananas if you attempt to purchase your Fight Club Loot manually is there isn't an option to buy another item from this screen either.
    You be scrolling again to buy the next one because your Fight Club screen gets reset to the beginning. You have to repeat this process for every item you buy.
    Thank goodness for Team Spockholm as they have a wonderful bookmarklet called the Marketplace Fight Club Buyer. Use it on an unframed Fight Club Page. Enter the item ID number and click ok.
    The select the number of items you wish to purchase. I needed 54 to get my defense score to 180,000. I bought 2 manually so I need 52 more. Click Ok and wait for it to do it's thing. If you watch the page, all you will see is a bunch of refreshes. You can minimize the window or go to a new tab and do something else.
    When all the purchases have been made, you will get a popup notification that the script is done. Click Ok to close it out.
    Now the moment of truth. My calculations were accurate and my new equipment defense score is 180,013 and I have 382,15 Victory Coins remaining. When the Italian Jobs Event is expired, I will buy enough attack items (Cheetahs and Gothic Boots) to get my score to 190,000 then use any remaining Victory Coins to buy more Reed Runners.

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