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    MafiaWars: Rob Squads, Ratios & Burners

    The rules of the Big Heist Robbing Event are pretty simple. You can collect 20 Rob Squads a day from your Free Gifts and 5 from the news feeds but you can only hold a maximum of 50 in your inventory at a time. The Rob Squads enable you to rob an entire Robbing Board in one click. You also have a 20% chance to win all of your robberies and you get an extra experience bonus plus double the board clear loot. If you need more details about this event, go here.
    When you click the "Ask for Rob Squads" button and post your request, any Rob Squads that your mafia send you count towards the 5 per day.
    I didn't use many of my Rob Squads yesterday because I wanted to use them in bulk to look at the experience/stamina ratio. After collecting the maximum amount of Rob Squads for the day, I had a total of 41 to use.
    It was nice to rob all my properties at once but this was still slower than using a robbing script. I came across these beauties too many times for it to be enjoyable.

    It's best to stay framed while using these boosts or you won't see the Robbing Board clearing popup. You will still get the bonus and the 2X loot, you just won't be told about it. It's a toss up because playing unframed, you won't have as many spinning bullet encounters.

    It went through 3,907 stamina to use all of my Rob Squads. My experience/stamina ratio was an awesome 3.2.
    I did a run on Robber BG in the same destination without the boosts and you can see those experience bonuses from above really add up. Using 3,903 stamina robbing gave me a ratio of 2.7.

    Many players have been asking for a "Rob All" button for a long time. I don't think they wanted a boost to be required in order to use it. Once this event is expired, it would be nice if the "Rob All" button could stay. Here is what I envision it could look like.
    Speaking of appearances, yesterday I told you about some updates to the robbing board (1). It hasn't even been a day and they updated it again. The Burner image got some fancy silver rings around it. This doesn't help our game in any way, shape or form. We saw this happen before when they went nuts and constantly changed the Attack Button.
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