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    MafiaWars: Marketplace Item Sale

    The Marketplace is having a Item Sale. There is no indication of how long it will last but nothing listed on the popup are things I purchase anyways.
    If you miss the popup, you will see the Item Sale icon on top of your Game Header.
    And on your Featured Items Module.
    I went to check it out and I'm not impressed. Old Limited Edition loot that cost 25 Reward Points when first introduced is on sale for 15 Reward Points. These items don't even have great stats anymore. You can get a Bolt Pistol that has an attack of 100 just for fighting!
    Current Featured Limited Edition Loot is on sale for 20 Reward Points. I think I would be pissed off if I purchased a bunch of these last week.
    All available Crates are on sale.
    Boosts, which we can get from free are also on sale.
    If you are into spending Reward Points for crappy loot with the rare chance to get Reward Points, Gold Treasure Chest Keys are no only 8 Reward Points each. Zynga needs to update their Treasure Chests or get rid of them!
    If you're like me and will do whatever it takes to beat The Raven, you will happy to see the elusive Snipe Scopes are on sale as well. It still sucks that you have to buy them to defeat The Raven.
    Of course the items we like to see on sale aren't. There is always hope of an hourly sale but due to bugs many players find the don't always get the sale price. The good news is if this happens to you that Customer Support will reimburse you. The bad news is, you have to go through all the trouble of dealing with Customer Support. Sometimes it's just not worth the Reward Points. Word on the street is not to buy refills if your existing pools are at zero or you will be charged full price. I've been charged full price even when not at zero but it can't hurt to wait a few minutes just in case.

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