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    MafiaWars: Brazil Collections

    On June 17th, Customer Support updated the Brazil FAQ Page to include information about 3 new Districts that were added to Brazil.
    They told us that we could expect to see (in the near future) 3 new collections. We were given the names of these collections, the Vault Bonuses and the individual items.
    Vault Bonus: +10 Defense, +15 Energy
    Items: Owl Butterfly, Malachite, Blue Morpho, Postman, Cattleheart, Emerald Swallowtail, Zebra Mosiac

    Cultural Dishes
    Vault Bonus: +15 Attack, +15 Stamina
    Items: Brigadeiro, Pastel, Tapioa, Vatapa, Caruru, Pao de Queijo, Moqueca

    Truco Cards
    Vault Bonus: +20 Attack, +20 Defense
    Items: Espadilha, Ancho de Basto, Siete Bravo, Sete Ouro, Caballo, Valetes, Sete Copa

    Here is a screen shot taken from the Customer Support page referenced above.
    I checked out this page today and saw that the collection information is no longer there. It was last updated on June 20th which is 3 days the collection details were added. If you go there now, you won't find any mention of new collections.
    Could this have been Zynga's way of letting us know there weren't going to be any new collections or are we still going to get them? It's been 38 days since the new Districts were launched and many have been waiting to master them until the collections are out. To save energy, this would have been an excellent strategy if the collections were promptly introduced. How hard can it be to slap 7 images into a collection box? It took me less than 5 minutes. I'm inclined to believe that we won't be getting new collections but I'll work on finding some answers.
    Since Brazil is famous beautiful women and so many models are from there, they should make a Super Model Collection. I think all the guys would like that one.
    Zynga should also do something about the Precious Gem Collection. I consistently get gems from collecting on my Brazil Properties but never the Raw Diamond. Many players complain that there is always one gem they never get and very few players are able to re-vault this collection.
    We are told on the Brazil Robbing Page that we can rob Precious Gems. This would solve the problem mentioned above but it's not true. Nobody has been able to rob a Precious Gem with the exception of the day in which there was a glitch that was quickly patched (1). Brazil was launched over 4 months ago on March 15th. They need to fess up and admit that we can't rob Precious Gems or figure out how make it work!

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