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    MafiaWars: The Big Heist Robbing Event

    Without warning, Zynga threw in a robbing event called The Big Heist.
    This is cool for players like me who use the Assassin-a-Nator and have completed the Ice Season: 02 Event but not so much for the manual fighters. You would think they could have waited 3 days so players wouldn't have to choose how to spend their stamina.
    The Big Heist has a gifting element and we need to send and accept a boost called Rob Squads which are found on the Free Gift page.

    You'll want to post requests asking for Rob Squads because your mafia members will get one too if they help you. Don't get too excited about this option because you can only accept 5 Rob Squads a day from the news feeds.
    Stream Scanner by Team Spockholm broke the bad news.
    Remember to use the Link-a-Nator and Get-a-Nator by Team Spockholm to acquire Rob Squads. There is no indication of limits on how many Free Gifts we can accept but it's too early to gather them in bulk. You can only hold 50 in your inventory at any time.

    The Rob Squad is a special boost that will enable you to clear an entire Robbing Board in one click. Players have been asking for this function in the game for a long time so now we know it's possible.
    You can see your total number of Rob Squad boosts on top of the Robbing Board. You will also be tld how much stamina it will require to clear it. You can't use a Rob Squad if you don't have enough stamina.

    Other than making robbing way faster, there are additional benefits to using Rob Squads. First you get a 20% increased chance to successfully rob all properties on the board.
    You also get double the loot for clearing the board and an experience bonus that will put your experience/stamina ratios through the roof. The extra experience is the main reason I will choose to rob for the duration of this event.

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