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    MafiaWars: Vengeance Is Back

    After failing the first attempt, the Vengeance Pack is back in the game. When you lose a fight, find them in the lower right corner of the Fight Module. At this time, you can't go to the Marketplace to buy one.

    Open up the yellow question mark to see what the Vengeance Package contains.

    If you want a Vengeance Pack, click on the "Vengeance Attack for 3 Reward Points" button. Here are my health, stamina, attack score and Reward Point balance before purchasing Vengeance.

    When you buy one, there is no verification or notification, you just attack the same player again. I still lost the fight and it wasn't very exciting. My health was regenerated and I did get 513 stamina points. I'll miss the 3 Reward Points that were instantly taken from my account. I can't say that the 200% attack bonus worked because as you can see there was no change in my attack score for this attack. Hopefully it's a display error or Zynga will have some explaining to do. I wouldn't use one of these things to win a fight but I can see them being useful if you are really close to leveling and have exhausted all of your free resources and spending 10 Reward Points for a full stamina refill would result in most of it being wasted.

    I didn't click attack again in the shot above so that's why my attack score didn't increase. Here is a second attack showing the Vengeance Boost was used even though my boosts are turned off. My attack score increased, but not by 200%. Last time I checked, 6,705 was not 200% more than 5,364 so there are still issues with this boost.

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