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    Mafia Wars: Spockholm Toolbar Updates & Accessing The Golden Toolbar

    The Spockholm Mafia Toolbar has been updated and the Golden Toolbar is now available. The updates are listed below. Installation and use instructions can be found here. The "Config" button is located to the far right of the toolbar. This is what you will need to click on to get to all the new features.

    The first thing you should notice right away is the list of Standard Spocklets got a whole lot larger. Now all Spocklet available to the public are on the list (don't panic if your number is not the same as mine. I beta test new scripts so I might have some extras).
    You now get to decide which ones you want available on your drop menu. Do this by clicking on the Spocklets you want to add. They will turn green on your list. If you want to remove them from the drop menu, just click on them again. I keep it short and just add the ones I use frequently. The items can also be arranged in the order you wish. Instructions on doing that are shown below.
    You can access and initiate all the other listed Spocklets by using the search box located in the middle of the toolbar. I've gotten into the habit of using the search bar for all Spocklets so I rarely use the drop menu anymore.
    When new Spocklets are added to the list, you will see a notification flash on the toolbar.

    New and Update labels will appear on the the config list.
    There are additional features located on the top half of the config box.
    If the main Spockholm servers are down, you can use the backup server by checking the "Use backup server" box.
    If you want to move your drop menu list around, click on the "Sort list now" link.
    A very cool addition that manual fighters will love is the "Hide iced targets on Fightlist and Battle Board".
    Checking this box will remove all dead targets from your Fightlist and Battle Boards. You can't attack them anyway so it's nice not to have them there to accidentally click on.

    You can move your drop menu Spocklets in the order you wish. Simply drag them into the order you wish and click on the red "Finished sorting" item.
    Imported Spocklets or other scripts can now be imported by simply opening a link. We won't have to deal with import codes anymore and the generated requests will be links. Team Spockholm thanks David from the Mafia Wars AddOn for the idea.

    Now onto the Golden Toolbar which many have had questions about. The features and updates shown above are available to all players. The Golden Toolbar offers two additional features and were added to thank players who donate to Team Spockholm and help them maintain the servers. You will be able to save your toolbar settings on the Spockholm servers and you will have early access to beta scripts. Once you've made a donation (or have made one in the past year), go to http://spockon.me/tb and click on "Account" located at the top of the page.
    Log in with your Facebook account by clicking the "Log In" button.
    Allow the required permissions for the Golden Toolbar to work.
    Your Facebook ID number will automatically be added. Enter your name, the email address you used when you made the donation and create a password.
    If you did everything right, you will get a success notification and you will see that your status is "Active". If you forget your password, you can come back to this page to retrieve it.

    To activate the Golden Toolbar, go back to the config page and check the "Enable golden toolbar" box.
    Enter the password you created when you set up your account and select OK.
    The Golden Toolbar will now be activated and the Spockholm Toolbar will appear gold in color.
    The main feature of the Golden Toolbar is the ability to store your settings on the Spockholm servers. This will allow you get your toolbar set up the way you like it from any computer. If you clear your cookies and wipe out your settings, you can easily restore them. Click on the swirly button (I don't know what they are calling it) located to the left of the config button .
    To sync with the server, you will need to save your settings at some point. Click on "Save settings to server now".
    Then check the "Toolbar" box and click the "Save selected settings now" button.
    You will get a confirmation that the settings were saved.
    To retrieve your settings in the event they are erased from your computer or you move to a different one, click the "Load settings from server" button, check the Toolbar box and click on the "Load selected settings now".
    You will be notified that the Backup was loaded. Now just close out your config and go about your business using the Spockholm Toolbar.
    Pistol Pete created an excellent video tutorial highlighting all the updates mentioned above.

    Thanks to Eike for outlining the new features and adding many of the screen shots, Pete for making the video tutorial and Martin for answering a lot of my questions.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: Spockholm Toolbar Updates & Accessing The Golden Toolbar
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