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    Mafia Wars: Conspiracy Mission Complete Walk Through

    The new Limited Time Mission Conspiracy is now available. We have a little under two weeks to complete it. There are 9 parts to the main Mission and a surprise bonus part. Conspiracy is focused in Chicago and takes you through the process of making Moonshine. There are a lot of tasks requiring you to do Chicago jobs and you will need to spend a lot of energy to finish. I guess Zynga doesn't care about the casual player who would like to master the Secret District and this Mission. It will be challenging for many. There were't many tasks that stall the Mission and if you have the energy it won't be very difficult to complete. With the exception of the Grand Prize item, there are no great loot items offered. The only reason to even consider doing this Mission is for the experience bonuses and the Mortal Coil if you are a collector.

    Part 1
    Moonshine 101
    Mission Crew links no longer work. You need to send out individual requests to your mafia and wait for them to reply. To speed up the process, Mission Crew Help requests were added to the Gift Blaster by Team Spockholm. For more details on how to use this tool to help you get support from your mafia, go here.
    If you don't want to use any helping tools, then you need to do things the old fashioned way and send 50 requests at a time and wait for enough players to accept them. Sometimes accepting requests from your ZMC will work as well.
    Many will find they can't accept Mission Crew requests in the ZMC because they hit their limit due to the Gifting Event. This is even more reason to use the Mission Crew Link. Joining a mafia members Mission Crew should not count against your 200 a day Free Gift limit, but it does.
    Fight 40 opponents in Chicago. It doesn't matter if you win or lose or of the player you attack is already iced. You just need to be in Chicago when you attack.
    Do the Chicago District 1 job "Break into Guide Pantucci's Warehouse" until you loot 18 Wooden Crates. The job costs 162 energy on the Ruby Level and the drop rate is not 100%. Use the Lockpick bonus to get double the loot and reduce energy costs.
    There are no loot rewards but you get 14 Clams. Thanks Zynga!

    Part 2
    Tis the Season
    Activate 6 Crew Member positions. If you queue is empty, you will need to fist request players to join or you can accept them from your ZMC or newsfeeds. These do not count towards your 200 a day free gift limit which makes it even more ridiculous that Mission Crew requests do. Zynga could easily fix that.
    Do the Chicago District 2 job, Run an illegal Establishment" 25 times. The job costs 270 energy on the Ruby Level.
    Collect from your Distillery 2 times. There is an 8 hour timer between Distillery collections.
    The good news is we get a loot reward for part 2, the bad new is it's useless. At least it's a pretty tiger to look at.

    Part 3
    Winter Wonderlands
    Win 40 fights in Chicago. You will still get credit if your opponent is already iced. Just make sure you are in Chicago.
    Loot 15 Hit Squads. This task would have been more exciting if Hit Squads were a decent loot item. I guess those missing Trigger Happies spoiled it for everyone.
    Get Hit Squads by doing the Chicago District 2 job "Recruit Loyal Gunman". The job costs 324 energy on the Ruby Level and the drop rate is pretty decent.
    Again there are no loot rewards but Zynga stepped it up from part 1 and you will get 15 Clams.

    Part 4
    Literal Poison
    Ask your mafia to send you 10 Documents.
    Use the "Ask Now" button on the Mission Page and wait for your mafia to respond. If you don't get 10 clicks, you can make a new request every 2 hours.
    Rob 40 properties in Chicago. To save some clicks, use your Rob Squads to get 9 at a time.
    Do the Chicago District 2 job "Case Warehouses on the North Side" 25 times. The job costs 378 energy on the Ruby Level.
    The loot reward is 3 Sugar Daddy's. You can craft one of these every day but most players don't bother. It's annoying that Zynga would even call this a reward.

    Part 5
    Zynga lost some creativity points for this part of the Mission. Tasks one and two are replays of Part 1 except the requirements are a little more. You need to get support from your mafia 8 times and fight 95 opponents in Chicago.
    For the third task, do the Chicago District 3 job, 'Stuff Local Cop's Pockets With Greens" 25 times. This one requires 756 energy on the ruby level. The energy costs of this Mission are steep. It will need to spend (minus any Top Mafia bonuses) 18,900 energy to get this task done.
    All that energy and there isn't even a loot reward. You are blessed with

    Part 6
    Craft 2 items from your Armory. You can craft one item every 18 hours.
    Ice 20 opponents in Chicago. The task doesn't tell you the ices need to happen in Chicago, but I didn't credit for them in New York or Brazil.
    If you get a kill an opponent, you will get credit for 2 ices in this task.
    Take out 9 Ruthless Feds from the Chicago fightlist. Each Ruthless Fed costs 11 stamina to attack.
    If you don't like playing Where's Waldo to locate non-players on the fightlist, use the Assassin NPC by Team Spockholm and knock them all out with just a few clicks.
    The loot rewards are more useless property items from the Chicago Warehouse. Thanks but no thanks. If I wanted these in my inventory, I would be crafting them. For your efforts above, you will get 4 Smoke Eaters and 1 Dapper Flapper.

    Part 7
    Trade 15 Arma Cunras for 15 Heavy Assault Squads is just a gimmick. All you need to do is click on the "Go Now" button and generate a request. When your mafia members click on it, you get a Heavy Assault Squad and they get a Arma Cunras.
    If you own any Arma Cunras, they won't be taken out of your inventory. I guess Zynga didn't bother to let this feed expire. I started out with 7 Heavy Assault Squads and after about 30 minutes I gained 81. I have a very active mafia. The number of Arma Cunras I had stayed the same.

    You will also notice that you got credit for any Heavy Assault Squads you already owned prior to the start of the Mission. It looks like Zynga tried to prevent that by adding a second Heavy Assault Squad to the inventory but it didn't work out for them.
    Clear 3 Robbing Boards. The "Go Now" button will take you to the Chicago Robbing Page but you can go to any destination and get credit.
    The last task is a Oh Hell No kind of thing. We need to loot 15 Wooden Crates from the Chicago District job "Set Up A Distillery In Cicero" This sounds easy enough. It's when you get to the job and see it requires 972 energy that you start to get worried. The Wooden Crates don't have very good drop rates. I tried doing other jobs but it didn't work. You will either need to spend a ton of energy to get these, use Reward Points to buy the task off or just give up. If I wasn't writing this post, I would have choose the last option.
    The loot rewards for all that are 2 Barn Owls.
    I might be appreciative if I didn't already have 7,935 of them!!!

    Part 8
    We have had this type of task in prior Missions. The only difference here is that the loot items we have to collect are crap.

    The Augmenter which is really stupid for this task is on the Free Gift Page.
    All it does is double the loot items from this task when they drop. I don't even want single the loot so this is a waste of a free gift item and time.
    The Mission Page tells you where to collect all of the items. You will need 8 of each.
    The Huntsman drops from all doing jobs. If you're low on energy, do the "Chase Away Thugs" in the Street Thug Tier of New York. It only requires one energy point and the drop rate is really good.
    The Wetland Guide drops from robbing in Chicago. You will need to use some stamina for this because the drop rate isn't very good. This may be the only reason to use that Augmenter boost. The Wetland Guide is giftable but I didn't verify to see if you would get credit for receiving them as gifts.
    The Tax Collector drops from fights. They drop in all destinations at a good rate.
    The Spy is multipurpose and will drop from jobs, robbing, fighting and trading. Unlike the other items, the Spy doesn't turn off once you acquired 8 of them. You will keep getting them until you collected 8 of all the items. It's too bad the stats weren't better.



    There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission. I guess Zynga felt the wonderful items we had to collect were reward enough. We do get 20 Clams.

    Part 9
    Bottom's Up
    Get 5 players to join your Mission Crew. See Part 1 for more details. I really hate this task as it rarely works how it's suppose to.
    Do the Chicago District 3 job "Organize A Private Party" 40 times. They are out of control here. Many players are trying to master other destinations and the Secret District. If you ruby mastered this job it requires 810 energy. This one will cost you 32,400 energy to finish.
    Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times. There is an 8 hour timer between Truck Shops.
    All you get for all this work and energy is the Grand Prize, a Mortal Coil.
    When you collect from Part 9, you will be surprised with a blue Bonus Mission flash sign over your Mission Banner.

    I don't know why they are calling this a Challenge Mission. It's just a Mission. Challenge Missions are the events that show up on the Travel Bar and have Job Heat Meters. Maybe they forgot about those.
    Part 10 (Bonus Mission)
    Challenge Mission: Second Round
    Collect from your Distillery 5 times. There is an 8 hour timer so this will take a few days if you don't want to spend 120 Reward Points!
    Ice 75 opponents in Chicago. This will require a lot of stamina but at least you get credit for Family Progression and Ices Seasons if you haven't finished it.
    Win 8 wars. You get credit for the ones you declare and the ones you help with if you are the last person to attack. You'll have to wait a day to collect on your Distillery so you might as well take your time with this and not go crazy looking for war head shots.

    In addition to a second Mortal Coil, the experience bonus for this bonus part is much higher than the other parts. You also get 80 Clams.
    There are no more Bonus Missions and the Mission will disappear from your Missions Bar once you accept the rewards.

    Thanks to Kelly Kolcharno for pointing out there was a bonus round before Zynga updated the Home Page banner.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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