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    Mafia Wars: Mission Crew Link Work Around 07-12-2011

    In Missions, the task that requires you to get your mafia to join your Mission Crew is a pain in the ass.
    Team Spockholm made the process easier by creating the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet. The Mission Crew Link would generate a feed request making the whole process much faster. Unfortunately, requests generated by third party tools no longer work.
    If you click on links or requests, you will get the same error message that is used for free gift links.
    This is the second component of the Mission Crew Link that Zynga has killed off in a matter of days. The Brazil (and by default Chicago) Crew request still works but there the game allows you to generate news feed posts. I don't know why Zynga won't do the same for Mission support.
    Now the only way to get your mafia members to join your Mission Crew is to send out the requests and hope they accept them. Many players are hitting their gift limits, the ZMC can only hold 100 requests so the chances of players accepting your request are much lower than they were before. This means you will need to send out many more requests to get the job done.
    To adapt, Team Spockholm as added Mission Crew Help requests to the Gift Blaster. Find it in the drop menu.
    Select Mission Crew Help, load up your mafia (or family) and click the "Send to all" button.
    Keep in mind, you don't need very many of these to get the job done. It's best to stop the run after a few hundred requests have been sent. Team Spockholm has a friendly reminder notification in case you were planning to send one to all of your mafia members.
    This worked like magic. Within minutes of sending out a decent amount of requests, my Mission Crew task was complete.
    I probably sent out too many requests because I had a ZMC full of return gifts. Accepting these sometimes gives you credit for the task so you can save them until you get to the next Mission Crew task and see if it works.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: Mission Crew Link Work Around 07-12-2011
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