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    Mafia Wars: The New Way Of Gifting by Eike 01-12-2011

    Zynga broke the Facebook side of gifting exactly 2 weeks ago and it took some time for us to figure out what they changed. We've tried a lot to give you back the old, perfectly working gifting system where you could just create your gift links, share them with your friends and select those gifts that you want.

    As far as we know now, these times are over. We figured out a way to create working gift links, but they only work if that person actually sent you a gift. Now that gift is in your ZMC anyway, so the giftlinks are useless.

    The ingame gift sending process is a disaster. Only 50 friends per click, slow responses and annoying FB popups. Gift receiving is equally annoying. The ZMC is a mess, always jumping up and down causing you to click the wrong buttons and losing gifts and not sending them back.

    That is why Team Spockholm created and modified Spocklets to help you with the process of sending and receiving gifts from your friends.

    The new tool for sending gifts is the Gift Blaster. You can get it on the
    Spockholm Beta Page. You can also add it to the toolbar using this code:

    Jen already wrote about it here.

    You can use it the following way. Start it up and wait until the "Select gift" part is loaded.

    Now you can click on "Load Family", "Load Mafia" or add your own list of Facebook IDs.
    You can select the gift you want to send from the drop down menu.
    Now press the "Send to all" button and see it amazingly send the selected gift to everybody. Please mind the warning, the gift sending is really painfully slow from Zynga's side.

    If the sending process stops, or you press the "Stop"-button, you can always continue to send to the remaining receivers by just pressing start again. This way you can even change the gift type you want to send.
    Now watch your mafia sending you gifts back, overflowing your ZMC with requests.

    This is what I got yesterday in my ZMC:
    Now, of course you want to accept your gifts, too. That is why we updated the ZMC agent, which can also be found on the Spockholm Beta Page, to allow you to select which gifts to accept.
    The ZMC Agent hangs into your Zynga Message Center and allows you to drag and drop the gifts you want, and the gifts you want to ignore. Use the top button to select if you want to use the "Accept Gift and Thank" or the "Accept Gift"-only buttons.
    The ZMC agent will then run and accept or ignore your gifts.
    If you want to keep your gifts for later, there is a very experimental spocklet on the Spockholm Experimental Page.

    Run the "Get Gift Links" Spocklet, and you will get a list of all your gifts links that you can copy for example to a word or google docs file. This way you can accept them later, even if they were overwritten with new ones in the ZMC.
    If you click on a gift to accept it, don't be surprised to see only a bunch of characters. The success message is at the end of the mess:
    We hope these tools help you with your gifting, of course we would really like to have our gift links back.
    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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    Circuit advertisement Mafia Wars: The New Way Of Gifting by Eike 01-12-2011
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