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    The Assassin-a-Nator Plugins by Eike

    I personally love the Spockholm team's working. I appreciate their work that has made the MafiaWars world very easy to be handled otherwise I would have left MafiaWars along time ago. So Yo Spockholm Team from YoPakistan \m/.

    UPDATE: Assassin-a-Nator has also been updated to v0.35 with a fix for the iced targets problem, that came from the badges.

    The Assassin-a-Nator does not only have a lot of fans, but also a lot of feature requests .
    A few of these have now been added in the form of plugins. The reason is that we want to try to keep the Assassin-a-Nator simple and yet configurable.

    The plugins can be started in the configuration of the Assassin-a-Nator:
    Stopping the plugins is not implemented yet, you'll have to close and restart your Assassin-A-Nator.

    Assassin-a-Nator Stats Plugin

    This is probably the coolest plugin for the Assassin-a-Nator. Once running, it will provide you with updated charts of the important information of your run.
    You can select any combination of stats, of course not every combination makes sense.
    Interesting stats are for example "ices per minute", "stamina per fhel6", VC per stamina" or "won per attack".

    Assassin-a-Nator History Plugin

    This is a simple plugin that lets you add a data point for Stats History on a predefined interval.
    I usually set mine to make a point every level, so I can track my progress in detail.

    Assassin-a-Nator Updates Plugin

    You know that you are constantly attacked while using the Assassin-a-Nator. This is normal since you do not only appear on the fightlist, but also serve as a target for revenge attacks. Using this plugin you can monitor what is happening behind your back.
    You can change the refresh rate (anything below 30s is not recommened if you do not want to mess with Zynga!) and the lines of log displayed. A summary may be added for this later.

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    Circuit advertisement The Assassin-a-Nator Plugins by Eike
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