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    Mafia Wars Eliminate Kassina Kunoichi Combo

    Well I know its a very old thread, but actually I am moving my data from EBOXD.COM to YOPAKISTAN.COM so just moving the hot threads from there... So please don't mind it spreading

    Do you have what it takes to bring this boss down? You're going to need those combos to bring her down, so you better get busy!

    This feature will be released on 05/25/11 end on 05/31/11
    The Boss begins to regenerate after 8 hours. The Boss has a heal timer that resets the Boss's health if it expires. The Boss fully heals if you run away.
    Kassina Kunoichi Health:
    Bronze : 5000
    Silver : 20000
    Gold : 35000

    Load up on ammo
    Shotgun Blast -> 25-35 damage. This consumable is a free gift and can be found in feeds
    Knife Slash -> 5-15 damage. This consumable may be found by completing Jobs.
    Knuckle Punch -> 7-13 damage. This consumable may be found when Fighting.
    Crack of the Bat -> 9-11 damage. You have a chance at finding this consumable when Robbing.

    Unlock The Boss Combos
    Use the correct order of ammos to unlock four-move combos, special combos do greater damage to the boss !

    Combo 1 : knuckles punch knife slash crack of the bat crack of the bat
    Combo 2 : knuckles punch knife slash knuckles punch knife slash
    Combo 3 : crack of the bat shotgun blast shotgun blast shotgun blast

    Bonus combo1 : +60 to +80 attack
    Bonus combo2 : +60 to +100 attack
    Bonus combo3 : +200 to +350 attack

    It's already confirmed by Cerulean Master (super moderator in mafia wars forum) that there is no mission or achievement associated with boss fight

    Grand Prize : Kassina's Caracal
    Bronze : 95 attack 126 Defense
    Silver :105 attack 146 Defense
    Gold : 115 attack 166 Defense

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