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    Mafia Wars: Challenge Mission: Staten Island Complete Walk Through

    Mafia Wars: Challenge Mission: Staten Island Complete Walk Through

    ----------------------------------- FIRST THE STATEN ISLAND INFO -----------------------------

    The First thing you as is what is the Challenge misison Staten Island?

    New Mafia Wars Staten Island Challenge Mission ! trouble in the city that never sleeps

    Now you have 7 days to complete this missions.
    There are total of 3 Chapters

    Chapter 1, already unlocked but chaper 2 & 3 will unlock in a few days.

    Travel to Staten Island and start unlock each job, you will need to collect ferry pass + energy to master each job
    Now the one thing to remember is to collect a lot of Ferry Passes
    There’s also the old heat meter like in previous missions as well – when you do jobs it will increase
    And also you will see some warning when it reach some color. Like

    Caution : The FBI have been alerted to your activities and your heat meter is rising! this job will now COST MORE ENERGY, lie low for x hours and the heat meter will reset.

    Loot rewards for the Staten Island Challenge Mission:

    You earn exclusive items for completing each job of the staten island challenge. Jobs in each succeeding chapter will reward you with more valuable items. You can get up to three powerful items by completing Challenge Mission : State Island! Collect all three items to become more powerful.

    Chapter 1 : Sea Pod (128A/94D)
    Chapter 2 : Under Pressure (104A/148D)
    Chapter 3: Pair of Heel Guards (168A/114D)

    ----------------------------------- NOW THE WALK THROUGH -----------------------------------

    You can't miss the popup notifying you that there is a new Challenge Mission. We've had plenty of these in the past, this one is in Staten Island. There is minimal information on the initial popup. We learn that you need a lot of Ferry Passes and that you can get them from icing your opponents.
    Click on "Go to Staten Island" to begin. Next you get another popup and you learn there are 7 days to complete the Challenge Mission and you can see the loot rewards.
    Click on the yellow question mark to get more information about what you can get.
    Here are all the rewards as they appear in our inventory.
    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3
    Click on "Start the Mission! to get to the Challenge Mission page.
    If you miss the popup barrage, you will find Staten Island in the top position of your Travel Bar.
    Now you see what the Ferry Passes are for. 20 of them can be collected when you first arrive to Staten Island. There is a timer and you will be able to collect more the next day.
    There are 4 additional ways to get Ferry Passes. The first as mentioned above is to ice your opponents. It appears you can get one per ice. You won't see that you got it because rewards for the final attack do not appear in the new Fight Module. I checked my Inventory before and after an ice.

    The next way to get Ferry Passes is through gifting , Find Ferry Passes on the Free Gift Page.

    At the time of this posting there is no limit on how many we can accept. I used the Get-a-Nator and copied my gift link into Bagman-Mugger and was able to get a lot of Ferry Passes. To learn how to do this, go here.

    The third way to get Ferry Passes is to collect them from your news feeds. As players complete each job, they can make a post that offers a Ferry Pass. Look for the posts below and click on "Help and get Passes". I'm not sure if there is a cap on how many we can collect this way.
    If you use the Event Scanner to search for these posts, find them in the Index Tab.
    The last (and most preferable way to Zynga) is to buy them in the Marketplace. You have the option to buy them at the rate of 2 Ferry Passes for 1 Reward Point from the the Challenge Mission page when you run out. Players would probably be more inclined to buy them if they were sold in bulk from this page.
    You can also find them in the Marketplace on the Special Loot Page.
    Locate them in the last position of the Special Loot Module and you can buy them in increments of 2, 10, 20 and 50.
    Once you get some Ferry Passes, it's time to start the Mission. Chapter 1 is called Cutting The Line and it consists of four jobs.
    For review if this is a new type of event to you, Challenge Missions have what's called a Job Heat Meter. You will see it above the jobs and there is a little yellow question mark to learn more.
    There are 3 different levels of the Job Heat Meter and it will reset every 8 hours. The higher your Job Heat Meter, the more energy and Ferry Passes you will need to do the jobs.
    Here are the jobs, payouts, energy costs and consumable requirements for each job on the different levels of the Job Heat Meter.
    Job Heat Meter: Green

    Job Heat Meter: Gold

    Job Heat Meter: Red
    Each job has a different percentage of mastery per click. This will remain the same regardless of the Job Heat Meter. The first job has 15% mastery per click, the second one 10%, the third 8% and the last one has 7%. You can use this information to calculate how many Ferry Passes you will need. Take the percentage of mastery and divide it into 100. For example on the first job, 100/15 = 6.66, now round up and you know you will need to do the job 7 times. Next look and see what Job Heat Meter you are on and find the number of Ferry Passes required for each job. In this case it's 1, 2 and 3 Ferry Passes for the Green, Gold and Red Job Heat Meters. Multiply the number of jobs you have to do to master the job by the number of Ferry Passes. You will need, 7, 14 or 21 Ferry Passes to master the first job.
    Once you master a job you get a Skill Point. We haven't seen an event that offers Skill Points as rewards in a long time.

    When you master the last job, you get the Sea Pod in addition to the Skill Point.
    Remember to spam so your friends can collect Ferry Passes.

    Now just wait a little under 2 days for Chapter 2 to to unlock. There is no need to rush Chapter 1 because you will be able to work on it when additional chapters unlock. Chapters will remain unlocked until the event expires.

    Special Thanks To MWLOOTLADY and LIGHTCHAN

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