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    Mafia Wars: Black Friday Revenge Guideline & Reward

    The Black Friday Marketplace Promotion is in full swing. This one is called Black Friday Revenge. I'm not sure who we are suppose to take our revenge out on but if you participate in this event certainly is not Zynga.
    Black Friday Revenge works like all the other Marketplace Promotions before it. Buy any item costing 5 Reward Points or more in the Marketplace (Loyalty Program, Fight Club, Pawnshop, Treasure Chest keys, and items selling for less than 5RP do not count) and you get a tick on your Black Friday Revenge progress meter.

    Once you buy 15 items and fill your progress meter, you get a Deathstalker which is quite a powerful attack animal. There aren't many items in our inventory that have attack scores above 200. This one beats all those rare Boss Fight loot items that most of us will never get.

    If you want to let your mafia members know that you still spend money on a dying game, you can click the share button to brag about it and generate some spam.
    The key word is "Marketplace". Nothing outside of the Marketplace applies. Speeding up your property crafting timers don't count. If you purchase energy or stamina refills, make sure you buy them directly from the Marketplace. The same bug that has existed for all previous Marketplace Promotions is still present. You won't get a tick mark if you buy energy or stamina refills from the job or fight page. They really need to fix this!

    If you must have the Deathstalker immediately, the best option is to buy individual crates. They cost 6 Reward Points and you will also get the great Crate items. Buying three Crates at a time for 18 Reward Points is not wise as you will only get one tick per 3 Crates. Boosts are cheaper but their benefits aren't worth it.
    If you're lucky, you will get a Ms. PAC modeled after our very own Jana Gucci. I'm very irritated that I bought 15 Crates for this blog post and didn't one. I finally got a Ms. Pac after a few more tries. The image below was very expensive but she is so worth it!
    If your short on Reward Points, Zynga will tempt you with a 60% discount offer. You will see this thing every time you go to Mafia Wars. The offer is only available today so tomorrow you will be hounded with the 30 or 40% popup.
    There are periodic door buster sales that last for an hour and many things are available at a discounted price. There are also 4 loot items that will only be available during the promotion which ends on November 27th at 11:59 Pacific Time. Don't be foolish with these. Unless you are a collector, the Crate loot items have similar or better stats and only cost 6 Reward Points. These bad boys will cost your 35 Reward Points each.

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