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    Mafia Wars: How To Get Turkeys

    Now that Save Don's Dinner has been out and we figured out the basics, it's time to review the best ways to collect as many Turkeys as possible within the limits set forth by Zynga. You can get 20 Turkeys a day by asking or helping your mafia. My "Ask For Turkeys" button has been shadowed since the beginning. It never worked when I clicked on it but I'm not too concerned because it's easier to get your 20 using the Stream Scanner bookmarlet by Team Spockholm. When you send a Turkey, you get a Turkey. If you ask, you get 5 (assuming that 5 of your mafia members click on your post).
    I set the Stream Scanner for a 3 hour scan got more than enough posts to send Turkeys. One hour would have done it. Click on the SaveAndStealEvent Tab and all the links will appear. Click the "Click Links" button and they will all be processed.
    Click the Log Tab to see when you can stop it. Once you see "You have received the maximum number of turkeys via requests today. Please ask again tomorrow", you can shut it down as the gig is up. The timer resets time is 12am your local time. If you are trying to get 100 Turkeys, do a scan right before midnight and then one after.
    You can get 20 Turkeys a day from doing jobs. If you want a decent experience/energy ratio, activate your Lockpick Bonus and do the District 2 Chicago Job "Secure Hooch To Sell In Your Joint". It has a reasonable energy cost and you shouldn't have a problem getting 20 in a day.
    If you want to spend as little energy as possible, go to New York and do a 1 or 2 energy job. I did the Associate Tier "Mugging" job which cost 2 energy. The drop rate was pretty good. Once you get 20 Turkeys from jobs, you have to wait 24 hours to get more.
    You can steal 20 Turkeys a day from fights but you may win an unlimited number from ices. This is a little confusing because the rules state that you are limited to 20 Turkeys a day from fights. This is true but notice there is no limit for icing. Fighters have a huge advantage in this event.
    When you ice or kill someone, you may or may not get a Turkey.

    No Turkey

    If a player had a Turkey Protection Boost it will say "Turkey Protected" and notify you that you removed their boost.

    When fighting, you will see little notifications on the upper right part of the Fight Module. These are limited to 20 per day. They have nothing to do with icing and will randomly pop up if you steal a Turkey.
    To protect all these Turkeys you are gathering, Zynga is offering a Turkey Protection Boost. You can accept 20 of them a day as Free Gifts (they turn into Blue Mystery Bags once you go over 20) or buy them from the Marketplace at a cost of 10 for 7 Reward Points. The Turkey Protection Boost will save one of your Turkeys when you are iced.

    The best Turkey Protector out there is free and doesn't have any limits. If you don't want your Turkeys to be stolen, keep your health below 20.
    You should be strategic of when you accept your 20 Turkey Protectors for the day and how you fight. When fighting off the fightlist, you are going to get iced. It's best to have your Turkey Protectors when you are actively fighting. You may be gaining Turkeys but if you are stealing ices, players are going to Revenge Attack and you will lose Turkeys. For this event, it's best to do target specific fighting to decrease your chances of getting iced.
    By using the right before and right after midnight Stream Scanner runs and icing efficiently, you should be able to gather 100 Turkeys. I was able to do that tonight. It took a while but at least I'll have a Ruby Butler. I don't think I can put this much effort into gathering Turkeys for 8 days and will be happy with 1 ruby item.

    Source: MWLOOTLADY

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