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    History, Benefits & Properties of Dark Chocolate

    The history of chocolate.
    The Indians believed that the cocoa tree, they gave God. He taught people to make this wonderful drink. Indians learned to cook flavored chocolate. Of course, last year, and now the chocolate is not the way it was before. Chocolate is not bitter drink but now became an elegant dessert that is loved almost on everything sweet. The ancient Indian tribes were first to evaluate the taste of dark chocolate. Currently, scientists have conducted research.
    And they proved that dark chocolate is really beneficial to man. Cocoa beans contain magnesium in its composition, which helps to cope with stress. In addition, chocolate also boosts immunity. It is considered to be an excellent tool for the prevention against colds.

    What is the benefit of dark chocolate?

    Dark chocolate is recommended for use to everyone, as it is an indispensable tool for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. By the way, dark chocolate makes a stroke and heart attack. Chocolate contains antibacterial properties. In dark chocolate has such useful components as fluorine, phosphorus and calcium. Fluoride strengthens teeth, phosphorus is mostly needed in our brain, and calcium to strengthen bones.
    Some people are afraid of the presence of caffeine in chocolate. But no need to worry, because the caffeine in chocolate is the minimum level. Because of this, blood pressure can not rise. Even in High blood pressure it is recommended to eat two or three pieces of chocolate a day. It is rich in stearic acid. And it, cleans the blood vessels.

    Dark chocolate contains phenols, which protect the blood system and strengthen it. Remember that chocolate does not raise blood cholesterol levels, but it prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. Flavonoids - are good antioxidants that fight aging. The darker the chocolate, the more it contain flavonoids. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of blood clotting in the heart. There have been studies that have shown that in chocolate lovers, the risk of blood clotting is reduced almost by fifty percent.

    The properties of dark chocolate.
    In fact, the chocolate is completely filled with benefits and properties. For example, coughing and throat aches are lessen by just eating half tile of black chocolate. The scientists found that for women chocolate is particularly useful.
    Do not even have to prove that chocolate improves mood! Chocolate is a great way for new acquaintance, even only chocolates are being gifted on Valentines day. Chocolate improves mood and the general human condition. Besides healing properties, we must not forget that high calorie treats. So, a hundred grams of chocolate contains about five hundred calories. Chocolate is not recommended for use in large quantities to people who are obese. If you are overweight, so we can not abuse this dessert. Remember that the most useful thing is Dark Chocolate. Milk chocolate does not have such properties!
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