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    Pearl Facials - Everything you need to know

    We've always been very fond of precious metals and gems such as Gold, Silver, Diamond and Pearl and specially for a women these are always their first love. Goodness of gold and silver for our skin is a known fact to everyone and are used extensively in luxury creams,facials and skin care products but gems like diamond and pearl is the new buzz around for luxury facial treatments and these expensive facials are been raved by one or the other celebrity and they would flaunt their love towards these luxury facials in every other interviews.
    Recently we posted detailed information on diamond facials and today in this post we will tell you everything you need to know about Pearl Facials. What is a Pearl Facial, how it is done, who should go for a pearl facial, how much a pearl facial would cost and places to look out for while going for a pearl facial.

    For those who love wearing Pearls, will surely like Pearls on their face too and which is why some wise men invented Pearl Facial. Pearl Facials are ideal for Oily skin and is suitable for all age group. If you are 22 or 44 and have oily skin, you can go for Pearl facial, its not the age matters - its your skin type. Pearl Facial helps remove Tan, deep Cleans and Brightens skin. Deep Cleaning is a major step in Pearl Facial, as oily skin need to be cleaned thoroughly of grime and impurities.

    Goodness of pearl for our skin:

    Pearl creams, masks and packs are considered to smooth and beautify our skin. Pearl Cream has a history that dates back to Ming Dynasty of Ancient China. Women in Ancient China used Pearl cream to enhance their beauty; the benefits provided by the ingredients in pearl cream make it an extremely popular skin care product, especially among Asian and Latin American women. Pearl cream or skincare range is offered by various brands in the market. L’oreal Paris offers Pearl Perfect Relighting Whitening Facial Foam, Day Cream with SPF and Night Cream.

    What is a Pearl Facial?
    Pearl Facial consists of Step-by-step Deep cleaning, Toning, and Massaging and eventually followed with Pearl Mask and Gel. The procedure differs, on Salon, Parlors or Brands who offer At-home pearl facial kits.
    Image: Facial

    How Pearl Facial is done?
    Pearl Facial step 1: The Skin is deep cleansed using steam and Pearl cleanser.

    Pearl Facial step 2: Pearl can make a great Exfoliator, the pearl powder contains seashells, oyster shells or pearls are crushed to powder form. These shells contain an organic protein called Conchiolin that functions to remove dead skin cells and deep clean pores. In addition to the benefits exfoliating provides, cleaner pores can help prevent acne.

    Pearl Facial step 3: Pearl Cream consist of Pearl powder with nourishing gel or cream, which is massaged into the skin. The massage thus increase blood circulation and enhances the complexion.

    Pearl Facial step 4: A Pearl mask is applied to the skin. Pearl mask is either shimmery gel mask or Clay mask containing Pearl powder.

    If you want to do pearl facial at home then follow these simple steps:

    • Cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser.Add a pinch of salt into a bowl of milk and apply it all over your face and then wash off after 5 minutes.
    • Make a paste of pearl powder in water.If you have dry skin then add few drops of almond oil into it.Massage this paste in circular motion for 5 minutes then wash off with cotton ball dipped in a water.
    • Massage your face gently with a pearl face cream for 15-20 minutes in upward circular motion and wipes off extra cream with cotton ball.
    • If you have dry skin then mix 3 spoon of pearl powder in 2 tablespoon of honey or egg yolk and apply all over the face leaving eye area and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off.
    • If you have oily skin then mix 3 tablespoon of pearl powder in 2 tablespoon of egg white or yogurt and apply it for 15-20 minutes then rinse off.

    Precaution to be taken while doing pearl facial:

    • Don't do pearl facial if you have sensitive skin.
    • Don't apply it near eye area.
    • Do patch test before doing pearl facial.

    Are you looking for Pearl Facial too?
    Enrich Salon by L’oreal offers Pearl Facial called ‘Pearl Glow’ for around 2,500 INR. You can visit their nearest Salon. Even Local Parlors offer Pearl Facial at great deal around 300-500 INR depending on the locality. The best option is to try Facial At-Home kits easily available in the markets without burning a hole in your pocket, also the kit can give upto 3-5 facials with one kit.

    The Kits available in the market are by Shahnaz Husain and VLCC, Shahnaz Husain has Pearl Cream and Pearl mask. And for the Pearl glow under 500 Rupees you can give a try to L’oreal Paris Perfect Pearl Foaming face-wash or even Pearl cream for 1000 rupees.
    Pear Facial Cost:

    Pearl Facial can cost up to $120 done by an cosmetologist for 60 minutes in the United states.
    Benefits of Pearl Facial:

    • Brightens Skin
    • Deep Cleans and Exfoliates skin.
    • Nourishes skin
    • Pearl Facial has Anti-ageing properties too
    • Reduction in Fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Acne scar reduction.

    MBE suggest: If you are not much into Facials, You even have the option to try Pearl creams and masks available in the market. They are definitely economical and effective.
    Leave us your valuable comments, if you are to try or love Pearl facials.

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