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    Must have Makeup Tools and Applicators

    Every trade has got its own set of tools and when it comes to beauty culture, the right tools are essential for an effective makeup. Makeup tools are eventually simple and inexpensive. They last long and are easy to keep, so its usually one time investment in a good set of makeup tools. They are not difficult to get and you can find them at any departmental store, nearest shopping mall or can order them even online.
    Your makeup tools must include Applicators, Brushes, Combs, Scissors, Nippers, Hair Dryers and Files. We will about these in detail.

    Applicators: Brushes that are packed with the powder eyeshadow, lip gloss, compacts of lipstick and spirals brushes that accompany wand mascara or tiny spatulas found together with foundation are all referred as applicators. You should be careful while using these applicators, as there is a tendency to overuse these applicators provided without a thought to its hygiene.

    Makeup Brushes: Makeup brushes comes in different sizes, shapes and for different purpose. For a perfect makeup kit, get two or three makeup brushes of different sizes. They will give a professional touch to your makeup as they give clear and cleaner lines and blend more naturally.

    While buying makeup brushes, you must consider the material the brushes are made of and their purpose. Natural hair or sable fiber brushes are considered the best, but you should select the brushes depending upon the makeup product you are going to use. Natural brushes are better for blush, eyeshadow or compact powders. Where as synthetic brushes best suited for cream or liquid product like concealer or foundation.
    Size of the makeup brush is again an important factor. Brushes of every size has its purpose and you should be wise while selecting the brushes. The smaller the brush is, the finer or defined the look will be. But if you prefer to use the brush for translucent powder, get the largest brush you can find, they are perfect for giving a lighter look.

    Blow Dryers: Blow dryers or hair dryers as are normally referred to locally, are an indispensable item in most households. No matter how much have been said about its damaging effects on the hair, people just love blow dryers than curling irons.

    They are simply easy to use, convenient to dry and style, perhaps, even much more so than curling irons in bringing a fullness to the hair. But, you do not get all these convenience for nothing. In reality, it is much more expensive price to pay in long run. Nobody seems to notice the damage inflicted by blow dryers as it is usually gradual and accumulative. It may be little too late for some to make this realization, by which time their hair may look like fried and dried cuticles or they may have lost most of their hair by then. It's not like you shouldn't blow dryers at all, as they do serve a very useful purpose at times. Here are some tips which may help you with using using blow dryers without causing much damage to your hair:

    • Do not use blow dryers daily, rather use it occasionally or in times of urgency.
    • Get the blow dryer which has less voltage.
    • Dry at the 'roots' not at the 'ends' of your hair.
    • Protect your hair cuticles by coating them with protein (special heat-activated blow dryer conditioners).

    Combs: Combs can do a marvelous job of distributing scalp oil and keeping hair neat and tidy. In fact, many people do not need brushes at all.
    When selecting combs, make sure that the teeth are blunt so as not to fracture hair shafts and scratch the scalp. The teeth must not be too closely spaced to give rise to temporary hair loss and strong enough not to break with normal combing.
    Smaller combs meant for the eyelashes and eyebrows are useful. These tiny combs can be very helpful in separating eyelashes and smoothing eyebrow into line.

    Cotton buds or Swabs: Cotton buds or swabs are an essential item in a makeup routine. They are useful for whisking away odd specks of powder or mascara and for tidying makeup. In replacement, you may use tissues to remove and pad down makeup.

    Emery Boards: These are long spatulas covered by medium-grained sand paper on one side and a finer one on the other side. Emery boards are useful for filing finger and toe nails.

    Orange Sticks: These are gadgets for manicure and pedicure. They are handy for pushing back cuticles and the application of cuticles creams. They are also excellent in cleaning up the smudges of polish when you have finished with your nail varnishing.

    Eyelashes Curlers: Eyelashes curlers are scissor like device for curling lashes. If your lashes are short or thin, curlers can give definition to your eye line if used properly. Practice using these curlers otherwise wrong usage can be disastrous.
    How to use Eyelashes curlers? Squeeze gently, just enough to lift the lashes. Open the curls just as gently to take curlers off from your lashes, or you will pull them out. Eyelashes curlers should be used before applying mascara and do not recurl after application.

    Pencil Sharpeners: These are cosmetic sharpeners for lip, cheek and eye pencils. They are indispensable to your makeup kit if cosmetic if cosmetic pencils are used. They come in different sizes and are convenient to keep. Clean the blade with surgical spirit for hygienic reason.

    Sponges: Flat, round makeup sponges are normally used for putting on foundation or applying cream. Dampened it first before usage. They can last for quite some time if properly cleansed and dried. Tiny sponge-tipped applicators are useful for applying eyeshadow.

    Flat Powder Puffs: These can easily wear off with use, so get the cheapest puffs available. The only difference between cheap and more expensive puffs are their softness and texture. Flat powder puffs is to pad on translucent powder in the quickest possible way.

    Tweezers: Tweezers are used for tidying eyebrows. Do no pluck too many hair at one time. It is always safest to do it one at a time. The arch of your eyebrow should harmonize the shape of your upperlid. Tweezers with straight or slanted ends are available. Its a matter of personal preference whichever type you wish to use.

    Makeup Mirrors, Cosmetic Scissors & Nippers are few more common things which should be included in a perfect makeup kit. Remeber, these tools last very long and good makeup tools creates a huge difference and helps to provide more defined and neat look to your makeup. So, if you a makeup freak then do not think twice and invest in good makeup tools.

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