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    Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Unwanted hair on chin & face is one of the most painful problems for females. We still donít like to discuss it, but are painfully conscious of its effects. Laser hair removal treatments are best method of getting rid of body hair permanently.
    If you're considering laser hair removal, consider this. The results can be great, but if you're treated with the wrong laser or inexperienced person then itís harmful for skin.
    It is a medical procedure that requires best training to perform and carries risks, but it takes just 20 minutes and thereís no redness afterwards So itís wonder techniques and permanent hair removal have become popular for its quick and efficient results.
    Since you wonít get immediate results but after few laser hair removal treatments, youíll see the result & take care of the skin between treatments. Before talking laser hair removal treatment, you have to confirm your doctor that your hormones are balanced and you are not suffering from hormones problems
    If you are planning laser hair removal, before treatment, you should avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks because laser targets the hairs' roots, and wax and plucking temporarily remove it.You have to avoid Sun exposure, it makes laser less effective and after treatment makes complications
    Advantages of laser hair removal:-
    1. Lasers can selectively target dark & unwanted hair, and it does not damage surrounding area of skin.
    2. At the same time ,laser takes few second and can treat many hairs
    3. Eighty percent of patients have permanent hair loss after three to five settings.
    4. Keep in mind dark skin may require 2-3 more sessions for permanent hair loss. Results depend on the quality of the laser,
    Disadvantages of laser hair removal;-
    1. It takes at least 4 to 6 sitting or sessions.
    2. It depends on skin complexion and color it cannot avoid risk of skin burn.
    3. It is expensive and costly ( depend on body involve)
    Precaution: - Laser hair removal is not suitable,
    If you have: Skin diseases, you are Diabetic patient or you are suffering from Cardiovascular system diseases; Infection diseases; you are Pregnant, You have very dark or sunburn; you are under 17.

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