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    10 Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin In Winter

    Changing seasons mean a change of skin in all parts of the body, every country that is almost in the tropics. Many people, in the cold clear days of winter brings rosy glow on the cheeks. "As soon as you turn the heat, the skin starts to dry out. It definitely gets worse during cold weather. we can keep our skin smooth and glowing by following these simple tips. This will make your skin look healthy despite the freezing weather.
    1. Use moisturizer everyday:-In the winter, you need to protect skin yourself from the harsh elements. Use lotion that contains glycerin, aloe, and vitamin E: Glycerin, vitamin E and aloe help stop in moisture, calm and to keep smooth. It helps rid toxins from the skin."
    2. Hot water: - we should avoid the hot water in winter. It is harmful for our skin; a hot water bath must be avoided. warm water will not take away the moisture from your skin
    3. Lips care:-Don't forget your lips this winter; Chapped lips are most noticeable in winter. Lips get chapped very soon, lose moisture easily. We should use l moisturizing ip balm with contain vitamin E. Moisturize as frequently as possible
    4. Eat healthy foods: You know the saying, you are what you eat. Eat a lot of fish because they provide us omega 3 fatty acids, which is best for the skin. Dark-green, leafy vegetables are excellent for preventing skin dryness and cracking
    5. Soft body:-Use a scrubber after bath for feeling soft and fresh body. Before going out, always apply moisturizer on your hands and feet.
    6. Use oil-free makeup. Make sure your liquid foundation and cream foundation should not oil based. Natural oils can gives shiny skin.
    7. Use Sunscreen:- During winter, some people does not take the importance of sunscreen They do not use san block, they think that the sun would not have an effect on their skin because the weather is cold. They donít know that winter sun and snow glare have causes effects on the skin. .
    8. Proper Hair Care: - Avoid over-washing your hair in winter. Become dry faster in winter and causes problems of hair fall and breakage. After bath, wrapping a towel around hair. Use conditioners generously. Do not use hairdryer, instead towel-dry or air-dry your hair. If your hair is frizzy, apply hair serum, which need taming
    9. Dressing for winter:- wearing gloves in your hands, it can protect nails and skin from unseemly damage. There are increased allergic reactions to irritants in detergents or fabric toners and therefore we should good fabric.
    10. Gets the blood flowing: - Exercise is best for healthy skin in the winter. Daily routine of aerobics and cardio exercises can strong your muscles and joints and keep you healthy.
    These simple tips can save your skin from cold. Take care of your skin is a daily process and is not restricted for winter.
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