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    10 Best Kept Beauty and Makeup Secrets Revealed

    Beauty secrets are no more secrets now. We are revealing all of them here and now. Beauty Techniques are how you apply them, knowing does not make a difference but application does. Here are 10 Beauty Secrets No one will ever share with you, You might just know it but you had never knew the time and testing of them. Here are all 9 tried and tested Beauty secrets.

    10 Best Kept Beauty and Makeup Secrets:
    Coconut Oil is a Magical Oil:

    We, Indians swear by it and is a reason for their Thick, Dark and Dense hair. But If you are battling with excessive Dry, Patchy skin, here is the quick fix. Rub a cup of warm Coconut Oil into your legs, hands and areas that are dry and starved of moisture.
    Sit back and in an hour, your skin is moisturized, smooth and radiant.

    Blow Drying Secrets:

    You may have a love-hate relationship with your Hair dryer, you love him in the salons but you dread his outcome of frizzy hair, when you do it yourself. But If you blow dry your Hair right, You will probably have Salon effect and Frizz free hair. Hereís how!
    Wash your Hair as usual: Shampoo and Condition. Rub in your Hair serum and blow dry in an outward motion. This will control the Dryness damage to your hair and control the frizz as well.

    Baby Shampoo whisks off Makeup without residues:

    You remove your Eye makeup and you still find makeup traces on your cotton ball, If you donít believe me try checking yourself. Your regular Facewash cannot clean the sensitive area of your eyes, If you do try cleaning it with your regular cleanser, you might just invite dryness and crowís feet. Clean your makeup traces with Baby shampoo, It does not sting your eyes and dries the sensitive area near your skin. Take a small amount of Baby Shampoo and rub it on your eyelids and area surrounding your eyes, and wash it off.

    Choco-lip-cious Lips all yours:

    If you love chocolate and are not satisfied with chocolate lip balms readily available in Stores, make your own! Simply mix Vaseline with your Favorite chunk of chocolate and microwave for a minute.

    Look Younger with Taut and Clear Skin:

    Here is a simple Technique you can follow, Keep a bowl of water in the fridge and splash this cold water on your face thrice a day. The cold water will not only refresh you but will also Tighten your skin.

    Vinegar makes Hair Happy:

    Hair Treatments and Colors make hair Dry and mess with the hairís pH balance of the scalp. It may lead to itchy, scaly scalp or even Dandruff at extreme levels. Restore the pH balance with this super easy tip, After your regular Shampoo session, Rinse your hair with a tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar added to a mug of water. And then Condition your Hair as usual, When you Blow dry your Hair,your hair will shine like never before.

    Aspirin blast off Dandruff:

    Aspirin not only work for your Headache but also for another Headache: Dandruff.
    Just Dissolve 3-5 Aspirins in your 100 ML of shampoo, and use as usual. It will help with Flaky Dandruff and will treat it with this cheap Trick.

    Rosy Cheek Bones:

    Roses are pink and so should be a Womanís cheeks.
    Mash some Fresh Rose petals with raw milk and a drop of glycerin, apply on your cheek every morning for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water. This will bring a natural rosiness to your cheeks.
    So as that you will probably will not need Blush.

    Milk is a wonderful Exfoliator:

    Sensitive skin or Acne prone skin always cringe with using Face scrub that works harshly on them resulting in irritation and scratches. Also itís a crime, If you use a granule based exfoliator on your skin. Simply coat a layer of Milk on your Skin, and when it is dry rub off with water and wash with cool water. The Lactic acid present in Milk exfoliates while the moisture smoothes irritated or acne prone skin.

    If only you have extremely Oily skin:

    Skip Alcohol based toners, they will only aggravate Oil to secrete more and leave your skin dry as well. Use a mixture of Cucumber Juice and Green tea, store in a glass bottle and use it as toner during night, It controls sebum and helps with large pores as well. Cucumber and green Tea hydrates skin while controlling excess sebum flow.

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