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    Life of Cosmetics: How much and how long can you store cosmetics?

    When buying cosmetics, pay attention to shelf life, which, unfortunately, very much is in a sealed package written in very small print.
    Cosmetics packaged in cans and bottles in a vacuum, since oxygen destroys many components. Therefore it is better not to print cosmetics if there is no intention to use it in the coming days.

    It is equally important to know the shelf life of cosmetics since its opening. This term is most often specified on the last picture near the open lid. But in general, there are common storage time after starting to use cosmetics. By the way, there is one very logical regularity - the natural cosmetics (for example, here you can read, which is one of the standards of naturalness), the less the term "exploitation".

    Expiration dates of some cosmetics

    • Mascara like liquid eyeliner can be used not more than six months. Even if nothing has changed visually, inside the package contains a large amount of bacteria that can cause diseases of the eye.
    • Eyeliners or lip do not lose their properties up to three years.
    • Dry eye shadow, blush and dry can serve up to three years, fatty shadows - two. However, it is necessary every few days to wash brush to apply them.
    • Lipstick or lip gloss needs to be replaced after two years.
    • Shelf life tonal framework does not exceed one and a half years.
    • Cream Serum for the face in an open package can be stored for more than six months.
    • Sunscreens and lotions may be used during the season, then they lose their properties.
    • Hair dye need to be running at once, otherwise the result obtained shades can be radically different from what is presented on the packaging.
    • Perfumes, deodorants are stored for three years.
    • Nail polish, the assurances of most cosmetic industry workers are allowed to use during the year.

    Finally it must be said that the use of expired cosmetics is very dangerous, so please read the labels!

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