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    Fashion Hats for Spring 2013

    The girl completed before the end of your image, you need a beautiful, elegant hat.And, of course, it is necessary to keep up with the times, but rather to keep up with fashion.That's why in this article, I want to tell you about new trends spring 2013.

    It has long been known to all that fashion changes very quickly - that yesterday regained popularity among many people, the day has already taken her to the far corner of the locker room. But not so bad, because the things that are thrown into the far corner of the wardrobe can buy a second chance to become much more popular.Which models are included in today's fashion, we explain in more detail. Leading designers say that a trend now in hats that have wide margins, also caps that tied the professionals or skilled amateurs. How can you do without a straw beach hats, without caps and hats that have different decorations. Also forgot to mention the various bandanas, shawls, scarves, berets, classical and so on.Now we will try to consider each type of individually.

    Hats with a wide board

    Hats that have wide margins, go to lots of people, but a hat having a very large board may allow a girl who has a great growth. Ladies with short stature do not worry, understand - with a hat you'll look a bit ridiculous. But you are perfect hats that have average field as well as having low-key patterns.

    Material hats

    You ask, what is the material used to hat in demand? I have to say that the material does not depend on anything, you can use what you want and straw, and felt, and cotton, and so on. Thanks to the tissues, it is possible to pick up a hat for different occasions and for romantic walks and shopping trips. By the way, at this point hat with a wide brim, very relevant for activities such as a romantic dinner or a wedding celebration.

    Knitted hats

    Talk about knitted caps, this year they are very popular. Caps are different, sophisticated and classic-style and in the sport, which is why she can pick up your own version.


    But the straw hat is eternal, in other words, it's classic, and out of fashion, it will not work ever. It can also be used while walking, when the scorching sun is shining strong.And now combine all together and isolate the main criterion by which characterized fashion spring 2013 - is the quality of the product and nothing more.Fortunately you a spring mood!

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