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    Precious Trend: Clothes made of pure gold conquers the world

    Swiss Research Institute of Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) within ten years working on the creation of tissue that connects a gold and silk. His work was crowned with great success employees: Get a material that is marked 24 carat. It's a real godsend for designers: from such fabrics can create amazing accessories, it is resistant even to wash.

    The manufacturing process is as follows: first there is the bombardment of gold stream of argon ions and then released, the metal atoms are directed to a silk thread, and cover it with a thin layer.
    The Swedish company Jakob Schlaepfer now introduces the latest fabric in the fashion world. In a limited edition of 12 copies went gold ties and butterflies, which cost an average of $ 8,500.
    If Europe is kept in a demonstration of wealth, the Middle East does not hesitate to show the world its luxury. What's accessories of cloth of gold when you can present to the public dress of gold leaf, drawn from a single ingot using the most advanced Japanese technology. It has become a stellar exhibit at the jewelry exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. Its price is quite reasonable for the royal families of the Persian Gulf - one million dollars.
    American fashion designer Zac Posen and beat this astronomical sum. He created a dress out of 10,000 records of 24 carat gold at the cost of 1.5 million dollars in just a couple of weeks. According to the designer, the inspiration for the dress was such a fantastic new design ice cream "Magnum Gold". Evening dress used during the filming of the short film "good as gold", dedicated to this dessert.
    Low-cut dress and jackets of the gold coins were the brainchild of the prestigious College of Fashion Japanese Bunka. To create them, it took 1,500 Austrian gold coins. This amount resulted in $ 1.2 million. It weighs 18.5 kg royal attire.
    Gold jacket from the company Al Romaizan Jewellery - also a piece of cake for the wealthy. It was woven of gold threads. This dress also has a fitness effect, it weighs 3 kg to wear it, you have to be in good physical shape. Value of the gold jacket - 147 thousand dollars.
    Speaking of wardrobe items created from precious metals and stones, it is necessary to mention the Bombshell Fantasy Bra by jeweler Damiani for the company Victoria's Secret. This juicy piece toilet made of gold weighing 142 carats and adorned with white diamonds, topazes and sapphires. It took 1,000 hours craftsmen to bra was born. Face and figure Bombshell Fantasy became a supermodel Adriana Lima. It is with great pleasure that adorns the front of the paparazzi in this jewelry accessory for $ 2 million.

    The golden thread of Ariadne in the studio weave Italian brand Orlando Orlandini. Their products are soft and flexible, as if made of metal and fabric, bracelets, necklaces, cuffs and collars which year contract awarded jewelry "Oscars". Manual labor and the amazing technology products are assessed adequately. For example, a ring from the collection of Capriccio with diamonds worth about 10,000 dollars, and the necklace "Ariadne" - $ 3,000.

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