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    Tips for Glowing Skin

    Our body’s largest organ is the skin. It protects our internal organs from the damaging effects of the environment. The skin is obviously one of the body parts that are firstly noticed by the public. Some people though not blessed with an appealing appearance still gets the attention of others because of their beautiful and glowing skin. Yes, having a glowing skin can make us attractive.

    We have read many tips for glowing skin in magazines and in different websites. Some of the tips shared are done in a natural way while others need medical intervention.
    In this article, I will give my own tips for glowing skin. This may be a bit different from most tips you have already read. I would not be telling you to keep your skin hydrated or to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because that is already something that you know. I’m aware that these are the most common tips that are given to achieve glowing skin. However, I personally believe that for us to truly have glowing skin, we must find remedies first for the common skin disorders that we encounter.

    Once in a while, despite following all the beauty tips we know and precautions we take, we still come across a few common skin problems. And because of these skin problems, our glowing skin becomes dull and damage. Thus, it is important to find immediate solutions for these problems. If we want to keep and maintain glowing skin, we must know how to get rid of these problems. You can actually take care of them right at home and without seeking any medical help.

    The following are simple suggestions on how to solve common problems.

    Heat Rash

    Heat rash (also known as prickly heat) is a very itchy skin rash accompanied by red spots all over the affected parts of the body. This skin complaint can definitely blemish our glowing skin. Well, there is no need to worry because treating heat rash is not that difficult and often does not require any medical consultation.

    Here are some tips:

    Do not scratch. Scratching could lead to infection.
    Wear light, loose-fitting clothes. Natural fabrics are the best as they do not trap moisture and heat.
    Take frequent cool baths or showers. After bath, dry yourself well and dust unscented talcum powder on body creases.
    Stay in cool or well-ventilated environments.

    Dry Skin

    Dry skin is a common complaint of both women and men. To solve this skin problem, you must be able to identify the factors that contribute to the drying of the skin.
    Taking multiple baths a day makes the skin dry. So, avoid doing this. Use lukewarm (not hot) water during bath as using hot water is another factor that makes skin dry.
    An emollient applied liberally and often after bathing and when the dry skin becomes itchy is a good way to get rid of dry skin. Apply thicker emollient on drier skin.
    Some bath soaps have substances that cause skin to dry. It is better to replace it with water-miscible or soluble emollient or bath oil.


    Warts can appear anywhere on our body but are very common on the face, elbows, knees, forearms, fingers, skin around the nails and elbows. Warts can vary in size and can appear in clusters or singly.
    The best treatment for warts is none at all. Most of us will just develop an immune response that will cause the wart to go away. Or you can ask a doctor to remove

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    Use a natural cream moisturizer daily for dry and normal skin. For people with sensitive skin, use a moisturizer without lanolin or perfume for best results.In washing your face, use a mild facial wash. Using a bar of soap may be fine for the rest of your body, but not for your face as it may strip off moisture.
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