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    Jewelry bestiary: Animalism in men's jewelry

    For centuries, people believed that the amulets with animal totems to bring good luck and keep from harm. Echoes of these customs have survived to the present day. Jewelry Collection with animalistic decor are among the most popular and best-selling worldwide. Famous brands embody the kingdom of fauna in all its details.
    Predators have an aura of strength, power, energy, power, adrenaline - characteristics that are highly sought after by many men. In this regard, particularly stands one of the oldest and most dangerous creatures on earth - a crocodile.
    Испанский ювелирный дом Carrera y Carrera создал скульптурные запонки из матового золота Crocodile в виде этой рептилии.Стоимость украшения - 182,800 рублей.
    Crocodile posvātila collection and brand Baldessarini . Bracelets, suspension, rings and cufflinks in sterling silver decorated oksidirovannogo izobraženiāmi zubastogo representative of this subclass arhozavrov. Prices of products - from 8000 to 23 000 rubles.
    No less dangerous predators of the cat family. Even the cute furry creatures that have conquered social networks, have an innate instinct killer who kills for fun. These wise creation in the Eastern tradition have significant symbolism.
    It is believed that the tiger will neutralize the negative influence from the outside, and grants success in business and new ambitious undertakings. With such a concept totally agree John Hardy , who lives and works on the beautiful island of Bali. In Macan of silver jewelry can be seen artistic interpretation of John Hardy on the role of the tiger in the wild. Ring in this collection can be purchased for 37,200 rubles.
    Brand Carrera y Carrera , too, was inspired by the grace and extraordinary natural predators of the color of the cat. Ring from the collection of Tiger is a tiger with a smoky onyx in the gaping jaws, as if he guards the treasure. Buy this ornament can be for 235 500 rubles.
    French jewelry house Boucheron , with his brilliance and expression created a ring Bagha: Tiger in pink gold with diamonds and emerald-eyed holds in paws red spinel to 3 carats. Note that animalism for precious refined products Boucheron traditional.
    Wizards are paying attention to these remarkable creatures, even as a camel, chameleon, an elephant, a snail, and even a hedgehog. Herisson gold ring with ruby ​​eyes, worth 222,009 rubles.
    Storm bushrangers - Boar - in European heraldry is the emblem of courage and bravery, the animal is almost always depicted in black. King of cufflinks, the Italian brand Villa, cufflinks created with this fearless animal in gold, agate and glass. Cost - 258 500 rubles.
    Swiss jewelry house Chopard in honor of its 150th anniversary created a bestiary that is constantly updated with new specimens.A special place in the jewelry world of animals occupy the bears: they are devoted to the collection Bears. Each of these roads and heart and purse. Among the latest products Chopard with clumsy in the title role - a polar bear ring with diamonds and onyx. Its price - 1,752,000 rubles.
    Gruozi Fawaz, founder of ūvelirnoj brand de Grisogono , - people with great sense of humor. His work dizajnerskie Always good Darat Mood tem, Who samodostatočen financially and spiritually. Garnish cuff shirt with zaponkami zabavnymi begemotikami in gold, and brilliant perlamutre every CAN, Who over pay for these Veselye Jewelry 160 000 rubles.
    Natalia AndrianovaEspecially for the "RBK-Style"

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    Extra Ordinary Beautiful really great Collection.. Awesome....

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