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    We are not afraid of the cold: 10 Best nourishing creams for winter

    The yard is already the middle of November, so it's time to think about changing's Skin products for the face. If, before the cold season you prefer lighter moisturizing creams and gels, now is the time to think about the nutritional facility, which will protect the skin from the low temperature, it will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals, will not shine and leaves a greasy film. We counted as many as 10 of these wonderful tools!

    Nourishing smoothing cream Fibrogène by Darphin

    This cream has a pleasant texture souffle and fresh natural flavor. But, of course, this is not important. The product contains vitamin F, jojoba oil, oligopeptides, and therefore actively nourishes the skin and makes it very smooth. Despite the fact that the cream is quite saturated after his face shine will not be - the skin immediately take all the necessary components. So you can safely use it in the morning and before applying makeup.

    Balm cream from Biotherm Aquasource Nutrition

    You probably know, that produces quality brand Biotherm moisturizing products, but we hasten to remind, that the brand and have a wonderful nourishing cream, suitable for dry and depleted skin. This is a perfect winter care with apricot and rice bran oil, and passion flower oil securities. About dryness and peeling this winter you can forget it!

    Creme Riche Desalterante by Clarins

    This cream - the salvation for those, who have very dry skin, and for those, who in the cold season suffers from peeling and dryness. The product has a very light texture and quickly absorbed, and it includes Arctic cloudberry oil and fatty acids, which can help your skin "to find a" balance - be dry and non-greasy.

    Cream butter "luxury food" from L'Oréal

    This product 2 in 1 has the advantages of both lotions and oils for the face. It is saturated with nutrients, but it is absorbed very easily. The texture you'll love: first, it's like a normal cream, but, when you start to apply to the skin, it melts and turns into butter. As part of the means 8 (!) Of essential oils - and Lavandula. In short, a real cocktail of nourishing for your skin, who has a moisturizing effect, and promotes the production of collagen, and also prevents small inflammation and redness.

    Nourishing cream Nutrilogie 1 from Vichy

    This cream is suitable for intensive feeding everyone: young women with dry skin, and those, who have dry skin associated with age-related changes, and those, who simply want to protect the face in cold weather. The composition of the funds we are very pleased - thermal water Vichy, glycerin and, of course, nourishing ingredients: jojoba oil, apricot, coriander, macadamia nut, argininePCA, vitamin E cream nice texture - easy to apply, quickly absorbed, and smooth feel will not leave you all day. By the way, you can use it at any time - even in the morning, even before going to bed.

    Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl`s

    This is the "winter" cream of the entire line of cool American cosmetics Kiehl`s - it moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while at the same time protect your face from exposure to cold. Interestingly, in 2005, the cream was a special project: the expedition to Greenland have been very pleased, he saved the skin to extreme cold. Of course, you go so far optional, but in the conditions of the Russian winter cream exactly you like.

    Cream-mask 7 in One of Olay Total Effects

    This facility is only suitable for night care, and you sure will come in handy for the supply and repair the skin during the cold season. We're often causes night cream thicker, to achieve the maximum effect? So, the product from Olay specifically for this purpose and designed - can be smeared with very generous, skin only say thank you. Formula cream mask contains an updated multivitamin complex "VitaNiatsin", as well as wheat protein, smoothing and firming the skin.

    Nourishing Cream from Himalaya Herbals

    An excellent example, that a good agent does not have to be expensive. A large jar of nourishing cream is less than 150 rubles, but the product will save your skin even in the dead of winter. So it's time to stock up for the winter! So, as a part - aloe, pterocarpus (pores), Vitanov (antioxidant) and Centella Asiatica (prevents the formation of wrinkles). The cream is quite thick, so it is suitable dry skin - to put before you leave home, to protect the face from the environment and bad weather.

    Cream with LL Biocomplex by Annemarie Borlind

    This lovely cream you will not find on the shelves of conventional stores, but can be ordered on the Internet. The tool is ideal for the winter - in its composition of shea butter and calendula, has anti-inflammatory, vitamin E, which protects against free radicals, as well as witch hazel - it calms the skin and makes it velvety.

    Nourishing Cream "life-giving moisture" from Garnier

    Of the entire line of creams Garnier «life-giving moisture" is best suited for winter maintenance - it is quite rich and fat, to protect your skin. This is the basic tool for every day contains camellia oil, nourishes, removes tension and dryness.
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