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    Why do people wear wigs?

    Let's see how that's a question: Why do people start wearing wigs?

    There are a number of reasons because of which the wigs came into fashion, as follows:


    People suffering from such a problem with the hair as hair loss, began to wear wigs to hide the obvious aesthetic defects. Typically, this is used for wigs that look as natural as possible. salon-studio offers a wide selection of wigs made ​​from human hair.

    Performing Arts.

    Many of the actors to create and properly maintain their way of resorting to the help of wigs. And in this case, the actor's props can be quite varied - from the approximate to natural hair and to the fantastic (which only cost carnival wigs).


    In some religions of the world is barred to show their hair. So, for example, the Orthodox Jewish women shave the hair shaved from his head, and on the street for beauty use all sorts of wigs.


    Fashion changes from decade to decade. In this regard, the people.who do not want to change their natural hair or do not want to get a haircut, use wigs to look always in trend .

    The social position.

    The second half of the 17-18 centuries was marked by a fashion among the aristocracy on wigs. Some of the aristocrats in the XIX century wore wigs that were fashionable in the XVIII century than emphasizing their social position and imitated fashion that was popular in their youth. For example, the times are not so remote: the USSR was not accepted by wearing a wig to hide, but rather everyone bragged about his purchase.

    Yet as an example, the United Kingdom, where to this day the judge at the meetings required to wear wigs, and the lords of the House of Lords wearing a wig and robes that are made on the model of the distant 18th century.

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    I suspect losing your hair can radically change your looks and some people may feel a loss of their own identity with it.

    Personally I don't care if people wear wigs... if it makes them happier. I

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    My Friends paa has no hair , he wear short men wig .... Looks decent

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