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    The main novelty watch industry - 2013. Part 2

    Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon

    Watches with astronomical calendars are now in trend, mainly due to the fact that they are very beautiful, though little functional: to discern what constellation of you and to correlate it with the appropriate sign of the zodiac, the owner of "normal" astronomical clocks required for five minutes - no less. However, the company of the legendary innovator of Jean-Claude Biver Hublot presented the most original and light astronomical calendar. Instead insanely expensive and difficult to understand discs featuring a starry sky here arrows that show not only the hours and minutes, but the movement of the Sun and Moon, their location relative to each other and the zodiacal constellations. Normal crown is to the right and to the left - quick correction of solar and lunar calendars. And there is a second hand, which is fixed on the axis of the flying tourbillon carriage. Hand-wound movement has a five-day power reserve. Strange name "Antikythera" watch got through the most ancient (to date) the astronomical calculator, found in 1901 in the wreckage of an ancient ship near the Greek island of the same name. Will be released only 20 of these hours.

    TAG Heuer Carrera MikrotourbillonS

    The company, which annually makes present the concepts of the name (TAG acronym stands for "avant-garde technologies"), introduced the first double tourbillon without carrying a spiral. The role of the two hairs here perform two magnets vibrate with a huge balance wheel frequency: the balance of the movement - a rate of 12 Hz (84 600 pc / h), and a separate balance chronograph module - a rate of 50 Hz (360 000 pc / h) which allows them to pinpoint the mechanical clock time to within 1/100 of a second. Slopes are installed in the world's fastest tourbillon, the carriage of which makes one revolution in 5 seconds. Bridges Tourbillon made of pink gold. Revolutionary concept released in case of a cobalt-chromium alloy that is non-allergenic and thus harder and stronger than titanium.

    Blancpain Le Brassus Carrousel Tourbillon

    Tourbillon and a carousel - the two main modules that help resist the effects of gravity hours. Different from each other they are what the tourbillon carriage with a prisoner in her descent is one of the components of the drive ratio of the movement, and the carriage carousel (which looks exactly the same as the tourbillon) is connected to the wheel gear wheel single "path." It is believed that in this way eliminates the carousel wheel transmission of the movement of the additional, and sometimes excessive load. This watch tourbillon is located at around 12 hours and roundabout - at position 6 hours. They are connected to each other differential, which calculates the arithmetic average accuracy and transmits readings arrows. Dodgy start system allows both the drum simultaneously and evenly. This ensures high accuracy. The combination of the tourbillon carrousel and is the first in the history of watchmaking. Power reserve Calibre 2322 manual winding is seven days. Hours will be released in the body 44.6 mm rose gold.

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