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    American Actor Robin Williams has died - Celebrities Condolences

    American actor, winner of the "Oscar" Robin Williams died at the age of 63. Preliminary cause of death, the police called a suicide, but refuses to make a final conclusion until the investigation is completed.

    American actor Robin Williams was found dead at his home in Tiburon. He was 63. The actor died of suffocation; basic version of the police in California Marin County - suicide; autopsy, which will allow to finally establish the cause of death is scheduled for noon on Tuesday, August 12, local time.

    The representative Williams said that the actor recently struggled with depression and was undergoing rehabilitation under drug treatment. Wife of actor Susan Schneider said she was hopeful that the focus of public attention is focused not on the circumstances of the death of the actor, and on "the countless moments of joy and laughter that he gave to millions." That they stopped President Barack Obama, who expressed condolences on the death of Williams.

    "He was a pilot, a doctor, Jean, a nurse, president, professor, restless Peter Pan and every little bit. But he was the only one of its kind, "- said Obama.

    His filmography - more than a hundred diverse images, since he saw no difference between the roles of the first and second plans; they all be unforgettable even for casual viewers. He made his film debut in the role of the brave sailor Popeye in the eponymous film by Robert Altman, received his first nomination for "Oscar" after "Good Morning Vietnam", played in "Jumanji" and "Mrs. Doubtfire", he painted with Jinnah in Disney's "Aladdin" (and it was his voice, says the character). In Williams' three nominations for an Academy Award and won a statuette he received it for the very secondary role in "Good Will Hunting";

    During his career he has collected about 70 nominations and 50 awards, including five "Golden Globes" and 2 prime-realtime "Emmy".

    Now getting ready for a few pictures with Williams, including the comedy "Night at the Museum 3", in which he, as in the previous two parts, played the role of the American president Theodore Roosevelt. Because of the death Uilms, is likely to be canceled sequel to "Mrs. Doubtfire," which the director was going to do the original film in 1993 Chris Columbus.

    "On screen and off, he was incredibly gifted and generous man with his heart and humor that could make others happy - said the publication Variety director Shawn Levy, director of" Night at the Museum. " -

    Throughout his career, Robin lead up us to tears - sometimes laughing, sometimes of empathy, and sometimes on and both.

    Capable of such a feat few actors. "

    No words of sympathy, of course, unable to express the confusion felt by fans of the actor today around the world.
    The funniest man Williams was first named by Entertainment Weekly in 1997 - and since then has never allowed to question that position.
    However, for many it will be a wise therapist Sean Maguire of "Good Will Hunting" and for the other - inconsolable widower of "What Dreams May Come" by Vincent Ward. Remember you can endlessly: "Dead Poets Society", "The Bicentennial Man" ...

    Robin himself, however, it is not burdened by the fact that for the audience it is above all a man who makes you laugh. There is hardly another Oscar winner, who is known as a stand-up comedian, perhaps the most famous. This position was shown that it is impossible on the screen: for Williams was not taboo topics.

    In the intricate flow of jokes is a place and a joke about oral sex, and, for example, George W. Bush, whom he considered the best gift for the comedian.

    Their attitude toward American policies Robin, incidentally, also expressed on the screen - for example, in "The Man of the Year". Ability to improvise on stage and on screen, it was claimed, and filmmakers, purposely left in its replicas empty seats to be able to laugh along with the audience.
    His dramatic talent actor explained that comedy - "a good way to fix things, when it hurts the soul."

    The fact that one of the major American film clowns also hurts the soul, the audience learned after the death of his friend John Belushi in the early 1980s. Then Williams publicly announced the decision to get off the drugs ruin Belushi. Later, Robin and refused to drink alcohol, explaining that the birth of children, but
    zero at the beginning went to rehab and alcohol addiction, joked that would not want to "blurt out too much," as Mel Gibson.

    Before the age of mature years, Williams has not lost that spark of madness, which saw the main source of any talent. He did not stop shooting (only this year he goes for three films - "The Prince of Providence," "This summer in New York City" and "Night at the Museum 3"), rode a bike for his native San Francisco and raised children , whom he called a sense of his life.In other words, it is up to the end of life followed the motto that his character John Keating planted his students in "Dead Poets Society": catch the moment, boys, make your life incredible.

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