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    Do musicians have found a talent for identifying contradictions

    A group of psychologists from the University of St. Andrews in the UK has shown that the brain is playing a musical instrument people quickly find the contradictions in the information received. The researchers suggested the subjects to look properly signed colored cards and found musicians the ability to quickly find the red card, signed by the word "blue" or rhombic piece of cardboard with the signature "square." Analysis of the electrical activity of the brain at this time also allowed the researchers to conclude that the best detect errors caused by different organization of the nerve cells. Details are given in the journal Neuropsychologia.

    To participate in the study were invited 36 people with different skills playing musical instruments, including the absolute amateurs with no musical experience.Scientists have offered the participants a questionnaire in which the items were of the understanding of music theory, a knowledge of the history of music, musical notation possession, the general musical skills, as well as on the number of hours, which is playing a musical instrument in a week. All of this information was then compared with the results of the experience of sorting cards with correct and incorrect captions.

    To exclude the effect of any one factor (eg, the ability to quickly identify the color or shape of the object), psychologists have proposed two different tasks to volunteers.In both the on-screen experience to the participants at a picture of a card with the correct or incorrect signature, but only in one case it was colored cards with a signed color, and the other cards have different shapes: squares interspersed with diamonds. A number of inscriptions contrary view cards (for example, the square was signed "diamond"), and participants were required to distinguish right from wrong signatures by pressing one of two buttons.

    In the process of sorting the scientists recorded brain waves of participants, and analyzed their reaction time. Processing of the results showed that the musicians quickly learn a few erroneous cards and, in addition, make it faster than those who have never played a musical instrument. Electrophysiological study revealed differences in the brain, showing a greater amplitude of the electric impulse of a collision with an error.

    Scientists emphasize that the observed features of their brain musicians talk about less conscious attention to errors in more rapid detection of contradictions in the information received. In his article, psychologists write that "at first glance it seems odd combination, but to perform before an audience musician important to notice the error in the performance and it does not give notice of its listeners, he immediately corrected the game." Researchers attribute seen them burst of electrical activity with unconscious mechanisms, not a conscious activity.

    Psychologists believe that their discovery will not only allow better understanding of how the brain looks for errors, but also pave the way for the prevention of age-related loss of cognitive abilities. The authors emphasize the ability to detect the effect described not only in comparison with professional musicians, amateurs, but amateurs when compared with amateurs. According to scientists, even a relatively small practice games on a particular instrument can improve brain function.

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