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    5 most amazing catches of fishermen

    Fisherman's Day in 2013, celebrating the professional anglers on July 14. Traditionally, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of July. For the establishment of the Holiday to give thanks Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Which has Issued A Decree in 1968. The Impetus for this Decision was the active development of Fisheries and the Prevalence of the Profession Fisherman, Helped by the presence in the Territory of the many rivers and Lakes.Beginnings in the 1968 festival for many years brings together the work collectives of professional anglers .

    On the day of the competition is held fisherman fishing crews, the results of which the winner is awarded in various categories, including: for the biggest fish, the largest number of fish caught during the competition, the smallest fish, etc.
    Job Fisherman at first glance May seem monotonous and boring, but you know how many interesting and unexpected Discoveries catches accounted for by simple workaholic? The Remarkable Most of Them are as follows:
    1. "The unknown critter." Fishing in 2007 in the Azov Sea has Brought an unexpected result: on board the vessel was raised extremely strange Being longer than two meters. still I do not Find out WHO was IT, Mermaid, Sea monster, Alien or just A Victim of the Mutation.Externally, the "Beast" Looked like A Fish, Which Makes an unusual Squeaky sounds.

    Surprised at the Fishermen Finding did not Occur to convey ITS Scientists and ate IT, Which Greatly disappointed by ufologists and academics. HOWEVER, the staff Managed to Keep the amateur footage from Being Made A Mobile Phone. HOWEVER, These are Insufficient Data to Draw any Conclusions. Only It is known That the Weight of Discoveries was bizarre About 100 kg and the dish prepared from it was amazing.

    JAPANESE mitten crab. amazing catch was caught in the net of the Amur Fishermen. Japanese mitten crabs Spawn Were not found in the Amur River is likely that this discovery will provide the basis for new scientific discoveries.

    3. Bloodied Aether Rays.
    Palestinian Fishermen 27 February 2013 found more than 200 volatile Bloody Rays on the Beach in Gaza. Scientists have not Been Able to unravel the reason for such Behavior is unusual for stingrays. Most Striking That is the "wings" Rays , discovered in Palestine "were bloody.

    4. PIRANHA.
    Jerry Melton, A Resident of North Carolina, was caught Surprised When Fish That wanted to Eat IT. Fish in the Catawba River, the MAN Himself Suddenly pulled out of the Water piranha, the Weight of About Which was 1.25 lbs. Legislation prohibits the start of the North Carolina Fish of the species. Consequently, she illegally kept in the Home, and then there was simply thrown into the River. Given That in the US this type is not found, caught Representative Could not Get Naturally there .

    5. A Special two-headed.
    Elderly Fisherman favorite Engaged in Business on the Missouri River and caught A pike, reminiscent of Siamese Twins.

    This phenomenon can be found in virtually every species of animals, but among the fish it is extremely rare.

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