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    Sind Assembly Candidate List + Result

    The Provincial Assembly of the Sindh is a unicameral house of elected representatives of people of Sindh established under Article 106 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Under this article, the total number of seats for the Assembly through direct vote is 168, of which 30 seats are reserved for women and 8 seats for non-Muslims.
    PS-1 Sukkur-I
    PS-2 Sukkur-II
    PS-3 Sukkur-III
    PS-4 Sukkur-IV
    PS-5 Ghotki-I
    PS-6 Ghotki-II
    PS-7 Ghotki-III
    PS-8 Ghotki-IV
    PS-9 Shikarpur-I
    PS-10 Shikarpur-II
    PS-11 Shikarpur-III
    PS-12 Shikarpur-IV
    PS-13 Jacobabad-I
    PS-14 Jacobabad-II
    PS-15 Jacobabad-III
    PS-16 Jacobabad-IV
    PS-17 Jacobabad-V
    PS-18 Jacobabad-VI
    PS-19 Naushero Feroze-I
    PS-20 Naushero Feroze-II
    PS-21 Naushero Feroze-III
    PS-22 Naushero Feroze-IV
    PS-23 Naushero Feroze-V
    PS-24 Nawabshah-I
    PS-25 Nawabshah-II
    PS-26 Nawabshah-III
    PS-27 Nawabshah-IV
    PS-28 Nawabshah-V
    PS-29 Khairpur-I
    PS-30 Khairpur-II
    PS-31 Khairpur-III
    PS-32 Khairpur-IV
    PS-33 Khairpur-V
    PS-34 Khairpur-VI
    PS-35 Larkana-I
    PS-36 Larkana-II
    PS-37 Larkana-III
    PS-38 Larkana-IV
    PS-39 Larkana-V
    PS-40 Larkana-VI
    PS-41 Larkana-VII
    PS-42 Larkana-VIII
    PS-43 Hyderabad-I
    PS-44 Hyderabad-II
    PS-45 Hyderabad-III
    PS-46 Hyderabad-IV
    PS-47 Hyderabad-V
    PS-48 Hyderabad-VI
    PS-49 Hyderabad-VII
    PS-50 Hyderabad-VIII
    PS-51 Hyderabad-IX
    PS-52 Hyderabad-X
    PS-53 Hyderabad-XI
    PS-54 Hyderabad-XII
    PS-55 Badin-I
    PS-56 Badin-II
    PS-57 Badin-III
    PS-58 Badin-IV
    PS-59 Badin-V
    PS-60 Tharparkar-I
    PS-61 Tharparkar-II
    PS-62 Tharparkar-III
    PS-63 Tharparkar-IV
    PS-64 Mirpurkhas-I
    PS-65 Mirpurkhas-II
    PS-66 Mirpurkhas-III
    PS-67 Mirpurkhas-IV
    PS-68 Mirpurkhas-V
    PS-69 Mirpurkhas-VI
    PS-70 Mirpurkhas-VII
    PS-71 Dadu-I
    PS-72 Dadu-II
    PS-73 Dadu-III
    PS-74 Dadu-IV
    PS-75 Dadu-V
    PS-76 Dadu-VI
    PS-77 Dadu-VII
    PS-78 Sanghar-I
    PS-79 Sanghar-II
    PS-80 Sanghar-III
    PS-81 Sanghar-IV
    PS-82 Sanghar-V
    PS-83 Sanghar-VI
    PS-84 Thatta-I
    PS-85 Thatta-II
    PS-86 Thatta-III
    PS-87 Thatta-IV
    PS-88 Thatta-V
    PS-89 Karachi-I
    PS-90 Karachi-II
    PS-91 Karachi-III
    PS-92 Karachi-IV
    PS-93 Karachi-V
    PS-94 Karachi-VI
    PS-95 Karachi-VII
    PS-96 Karachi-VIII
    PS-97 Karachi-IX
    PS-98 Karachi-X
    PS-99 Karachi-XI
    PS-100 Karachi-XII
    PS-101 Karachi-XIII
    PS-102 Karachi-XIV
    PS-103 Karachi-XV
    PS-104 Karachi-XVI
    PS-105 Karachi-XVII
    PS-106 Karachi-XVIII
    PS-107 Karachi-XIX
    PS-108 Karachi-XX
    PS-109 Karachi-XXI
    PS-110 Karachi-XXII
    PS-111 Karachi-XXIII
    PS-112 Karachi-XXIV
    PS-113 Karachi-XXV
    PS-114 Karachi-XXVI
    PS-115 Karachi-XXVII
    PS-116 Karachi-XXVIII
    PS-117 Karachi-XXIX
    PS-118 Karachi-XXX
    PS-119 Karachi-XXXI
    PS-120 Karachi-XXXII
    PS-121 Karachi-XXXIII
    PS-122 Karachi-XXXIV
    PS-123 Karachi-XXXV
    PS-124 Karachi-XXXVI
    PS-125 Karachi-XXXVII
    PS-126 Karachi-XXXVIII
    PS-127 Karachi-XXXIX
    PS-128 Karachi-CX
    PS-129 Karachi-CXI
    PS-130 Karachi-CXII

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    These all seats are booked by ppp by rigging.

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