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Naveed A Lodhi
04-25-2013, 08:00 AM
Continuation of one of the highest quality and highly regarded strategy of recent years, slowly but surely entering the home straight. To the light release date is still more than two months, but now we had a chance to closely acquaint with a closed "beta "of the game. Impressions of this acquaintance we want to share with you today

In good, instead of the material here has to be full-length review of the final version of company of heroes 2 - after all, the way the game was originally planned in March. But the sudden demise and hasty publisher got confused all the cards, the studio and the franchise went to the new owners, and all the original version release graph flew to hell. But in the meantime, developers are offering pass us the time for the beta. Much room for liberties in "beta", alas, was not found, but the idea of general what is new is waiting for us in the new company of heroes, it still gives. So there you go.

On the field, tanks rumbled

Back in the main menu, attention is drawn to putting it into the top corner of the screen a personal profile card player and item entitled a separate customize. Still the first only shows the general level of development of your profile and completely non-interactive - take a look closer and stripes received regalia or glance over the whole range of bonuses from the new levels cannot be a pity. The second element is more interesting - it allows you to customize the look and feel of the combat capabilities of your troops, it be the red army or the Wehrmacht forces. Thus, it is possible among several commanders with their own special abilities to select three of them on, already in combat, you need to will choose one. Specialization but were commanders before, but the system intelligence bulletin, then there are various bonuses to the faction, here is new. All the "buns" are divided by types of troops (infantry, artillery, tanks, and so on) and open pumping as your profile. So far, very few options for bonuses, some tabs are empty at all, but I want to believe that in the final version of the range will expand.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_1_sm.jpg (http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_1.jpg)
Even a well-established tank or flamethrower squad can long hold back the enemy attack

Now directly to the game. Just a "beta" have six cards for multiplayer games - there are no passages story campaign developers did not show. Battlefields nominally based on the geography of the soviet union - rhea, near Moscow, the Pripet river and oak - but no notable landmarks they are not noticed. The number of players varies from 2 to 8, and can fight like with human beings, and with computer opponents. Available as only two modes: the game on points (awarded for retention of special control points) or the complete destruction of enemy forces.

The first fights make it clear that the essence of the game remains the same. Before us is the same unhurried measured and company of heroes, as we know it since 2006. Building a base, train troops, grab a resource point - all the old fashioned way. Another thing is wildly that after a dynamic StarCraft ii strategy to re-relic has to get used to. Microcontroller and an early blitzkrieg is not critical, far more important are the proper planning and correct positioning of troops. In this respect, the game is not far removed from its predecessors, but it has acquired a few very important details that greatly affect the situation on the battlefield.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_2_sm.jpg (http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_2.jpg)
Fighting in the snow is very difficult - not seen any dig

First, it's the weather. On most of the maps available action takes place in the icy Russian winter, and it deeply influences the course of the fighting. For example, the snow slows down the movement of infantry. But from time to time (this was pre-warned) begin severe snowstorms, and that's when the war naturally locked. Out behind a veil of blizzards something on your own hands is not possible in principle, but which fell sharply temperature threatens the destruction of any soldiers who found themselves not just hiding in buildings, cars or near pre-diluted engineerís fires. Not even worth trying to arrange such momentís offensive - is more expensive.

In general, the issue appeared in the sequel to have paid a lot of attention, this option is much closer to reality. For example, now we cannot know what is hidden behind any wall or in the woods, if this site does not fall within the field of direct view of your soldiers. Competent intelligence in such circumstances paramount becomes a key to successful attack. Sending the army into the enemy without reconnaissance, you can easily fall into an ambush and losing everything.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_3_sm.jpg (http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_3.jpg)
Waist-deep in snow soviet soldiers go to war

Another interesting innovation was the possibility of tactical infantry to capture the crew of the damaged and abandoned vehicles. Agree to usurp the couple left the enemy tanks, repair them and immediately sent to the front, turning against their former owners - and it's nice, and helpful. But do not forget the enemy that could just do with you. The very same technology has become much stronger, so now she is able to cause a lot of problems to the player, do not adequately prepare for a meeting with her.
The only thing that causes some criticism, - artificial intelligence. No, of course he still behaves very well, do not hesitate to get your troops from the rear, take advantage of the landscape and not all kinds of allowing the player to live in peace. Occasionally just a virtual military commander gives that is something hard to explain or understand. For example, more than once I have seen a situation where virtually conquer the entire map a computer opponent, instead of just a little and push the remnants of my rolled -base in the frozen ground, suddenly began to rush and retreat to their fortifications. Hopefully, this is just a minor flaws of code that will not live up to the release.

But company of heroes 2 looks damn nice. The first part has earned the status of a hateful "crisis strategies from the world" and the sequel only strengthens the position. The game does not hit with bright colors, crazy special effects or "toy" affectation, her trump card - the ultimate detail study and everything. At maximum zoom cameras can see almost every stripe on the form or a soldier rivet tank armor. So today few can boast of which strategy (and indeed not every game, for that matter). Individual deserves praise animation. Seriously, a few times I caught myself thinking that somewhere on the map raging battle, and I sit and consider as a contingent of marines way through snow drifts or as soldiers, sitting on his haunches, warming themselves by the fire. Cool, very cool.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_4_sm.jpg (http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/16/644244/OnPage_4.jpg)
Wehrmacht armored goes on the attack

Overall company of heroes 2 leaves a very good impression. Already it is clear that the game has become deeper and thoughtful predecessor. Of course, there were some without rough spots (to the system of selection of matches from blizzard developers time to grow), but even at the level of "beta" project carries a long time. So fingers crossed and wait for the full release, which, remember, is scheduled for late June.