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04-05-2013, 09:19 AM
Get Ready to Plunge into an Unforgettable Adventure in the clouds hovering over the Dystopia. Irrational Games Only not disgraced the name of BioShock, but Also Surpassed All ITS Previous achievements. If for some reason you still have not BOUGHT A Ticket to Colombia, Our Material will help you decide on a journeyBehind the Studio Irrational Games galaxy of Great Games That is particularly bright shining star BioShock. Shooter 2007 release is deservedly considered not only the best work of the company, but also one of the most important games on the PC and the current generation of consoles. Time is running inexorably forward, and the life cycle of the past is coming to an end - but, as with the Stars, the final extinction preceded by a dazzling bright flash.

The game has Been Tested on PC

On the role of this Phenomenon Long before the Claimed ideological continuation of BioShock - BioShock Infinite. Only The question is how you can beat A Genius Shooter enter the Same River twice, to make lightning Strike Again at the Same Place? As IT Turned out, Ken Levine and Irrational Games is quite A Force. Fasten your seat Belts, We're going to Colombia!
If you like the main character Booker DeWitt, Colombia for the first time, then you definitely expect A Culture Shock. Hovering in the Sky city epitomizes Everything That Dreamed Proud patriotic Americans in 1912. But do not forget to Add A "Proud" and " patriotic "traits such as" Blue-eyed "and" White "- this can be Only A true Citizen of the Floating city. All the rest - the Scum, worthy of contempt and Only Miserable Existence as Servants to Their Masters Thoroughbred.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/02/643622/BioShock_Infinite_review_2_sm.jpg (http://yopakistan.com/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.3dnews.ru%2F_imgdata%2Fimg%2F2013%2F04%2F02%2F643622%2FBioShock_Infinite_review_2.jpg)

Infinite does not hesitate to Speak the uncomfortable subject, and does so with A Truly grand scale. HOWEVER, racism and intolerance - A background Motif, Which Booker can not be Distracted, if he wants to Fulfill His mission. He arrived in Colombia for A Certain woman named Elizabeth in order to Take her to New York and "Pay to the Debts." At first impression of the unpleasant subject DeWitt with A Dark Past, but with the passage of History and upon completion of the Protagonist of A number of Important Actions (both good and not so) Will Certainly you change your Attitude to IT. Especially When you Find out WHO Elizabeth and What IT Means for the Hero.
But back to the Beauty of Colombia. Despite the significant Difference in the Arrangement with the Delight of BioShock, These two cities have much in common. As the Water in the Sky ruled by A wise founding Father - That's just the Comstock, unlike are Ryan, Only not rejected religion, but Also Made IT A Major Force in the ruling over the Metropolis. Everywhere you can See the Campaign posters extolling the purity of the Nation and Salvation in the following Father Comstock - A Prophet That honest protect Citizens from the Wicked Foreigners and false shepherds (IE Booker DeWitt), Able to Bring down the Lamb Astray. Before the Release of Infinite Developers LED many to Think That They are going to trample on Christianity , but IT is not. Writers just use religious symbolism in Their view, building on its basis a fascinating history of relations between Elizabeth and Booker.

Martial spaces
At the Same time Say That BioShock Infinite wholly and Entirely on the Plot, IT Would be Wrong - and she fights shuternyh Part of Playing A Lesser role. Respect In this, the game tries to be Similar to the original 2007. Here, too, in addition to Traditional Weapons, plasmids are present (even if They are now Called the energy Industry, the Essence Remains the Same), Which are the equivalent of A Spell of Fantasy Games. So in one Hand Compresses Booker always correct the Barrel, and with the second power engineers hurled at enemies.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/02/643622/BioShock_Infinite_review_6_sm.jpg (http://yopakistan.com/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.3dnews.ru%2F_imgdata%2Fimg%2F2013%2F04%2F02%2F643622%2FBioShock_Infinite_review_6.jpg)

Elizabeth is not even aware that she was being watched

Weapons in infinite Unusually large - more than A dozen names. You Hardly enough to shoot from every single playthrough, but no problem Choose from the Variety of your favorite Pair of guns. The more you can Carry That Only two samples of products of local arms Industry.Select from What really is - at your Service handguns, shotguns Several, Machine guns, Rifles, sniper Rifles, Grenade launchers and even an impressive Multicore Machine Gun with manual Transmission. All of this good can be deadly Improved by Spending money Along the way found in specially designed machines.

Unfortunately, the Developers have too much Carried away with Gunshot Means of Killing, as if oblivious to the energy Industry. The result was A strange picture - They are quite Also A few (less than Ten), but many SEEM to be very Similar to each Other and, therefore, Unnecessary. Here Infinite can not be Compared with the original BioShock, where you HAD to Think of A situation in advance and make good use of specific plasmid. Yes, there are Several types of Enemies That are susceptible to the effects of specific power engineers, but their use is still not critical - a couple of rounds in the head or other vulnerable area of the opponent solve the problem before the thought comes to involve the ability of genetically modified Booker.

The situation is significantly Improved, if you play at the Highest Level Difficulty. Here in Handy Fall Variety Arsenal (try to Armored Kill this Patriot something from Small-Caliber!) And Various energy. In addition, you begin to Will Look Differently at aerotrassy , Laid over many locations ( as well as Under Them, Side and through) , has Become A Battlefield. Cling to aerokryukom for Rail Slide A couple of meters of TENS and Hide the details of architecture as A shield to Recover, and then come down on the lone enemy, take a breath and shoot from a distance a group of villains - that's one of the possible scenarios for the shooting of high complexity.

On the "hard" help Elizabeth does not SEEM to sop cripples. The Fact That she is Constantly in Action "puts A Gun," Booker Supplying All the Necessary ammunition, Including ammunition, first Aid kits and Salt Spent on the use of Power. Because of this, you absolutely Will not Strain Infinite passing on normal Difficulty. The author of These LINES Generally never died and did not reboot for All nine Hours of play. Quite different was the help of A beautiful Lady Standing in A Raging mass of vrazhin to Increase. Therefore, if you want to Get the Best Experience Warhead Infinite, do not Waste your time on A compromise.

http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/04/02/643622/BioShock_Infinite_review_12_sm.jpg (http://yopakistan.com/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.3dnews.ru%2F_imgdata%2Fimg%2F2013%2F04%2F02%2F643622%2FBioShock_Infinite_review_12.jpg)

In a split second aerokryuk turns red

Especially That Action here is very exciting and researched. Opponents do not Differ by Einstein's Intelligence, but there are quite diverse.Accordingly, the fights more interesting, the more types of Enemies involved in Them. For example, A Group of regular Police Colombia rushing Forward on the bullet, distracting Attention to yourself - That you need snipers, Able to put Our Hero with one or two shots. And if there's Raven, you need to be Especially careful corner of My eye watching His movements swift and sharp Attacks. At Moments such, Elizabeth Becomes A Great help - IT is not Only Able to help with Supplies, but create Breaks Also, pulling out Various Items of Other Worlds (of course, Strictly Designated Level Designers Points). HOWEVER, Keep Several Breaks simultaneously Beyond her strength - that often have to choose between shelter and crates of weapons or friendly stationary turret.

Another Life
Woman, for DeWitt Which Went to Colombia, can be Considered the Most Important achievement Irrational Games to work on BioShock Infinite. It Plays an Important role in the gameplay Shooter, organically complementing talent Booker "Solve problems" with the help of His Extraordinary abilities.

But even more Important to the Story is Elizabeth. The Story revolves around the Infinite, twisting in A Spiral contracting and vystrelivaya with Incredible strength in the final. You can not Say A Word single, so as not to Spoil the Experience is not A game , but rest Assured - the Plot Will not disappoint you. moves at The Narrative A very Vigorous Pace, Throwing the protagonists of an interesting situation to another.Certainly Questions Will accumulate faster than you can Find the answers, but do not worry - the final place in the places everything.

A bit not exaggerating, We can call the culmination Infinite simultaneously grand and very elegant. Games of recent years have taught us not put much Hope in the final, but Irrational Games has taken this Trend, IT Splintered into Molecules and scattered to the Winds. Plot tension is rising, going to the peak of the Last Twenty minutes of the game, and then explodes into A thousand head of poisoning Substances, Ohoven and "Hell, What was That? '. A Flurry of emotions is more Replaced by A Conscious unprintable-enthusiastic "# @%! @ # @ It here! #% ^ Cool! "When you Come to A final Understanding of the Narrative That the Writers Carefully happen to be lined up in your head from the start.If you Read the fantastic epic "Dark Tower" by Stephen King, you Probably Will Experience very similar feelings.

IT's A Shock BioShock Infinite turns into something more than just A game - as if We are living another life in another World from Which you do not want to go back. It Seems That this is the original purpose of any Computer game. After That, Find fault and to Find fault with some particulars Will be just Fine - you do not want to Spend your life in such A negligible swarming?


is A pity, but localization is not worthy of Enthusiastic epithets with Which We Awarded the game. Characters are not talking in Russian, Numerous posters, posters and Inscriptions Also Remained intact Side. Slightly smoothes the situation adequate Translation of the text, however the, the technical Implementation of Several Elements Spoil the Whole picture. First, the Subtitles for Numerous Audio recordings That you Find DURING the Study secluded corners, no - to Understand What he was talking About the character, you have to go to the main menu and the Read Appropriate text in the section. Second, When you Move the sight to any label (Say, Nailed to the Door of the note), the left Side of the screen Shows ITS Russian Language option - IT is A very Awkward Decision, Due to Which Most of this Information Will Probably Pass Those WHO does not Speak English. Rather, These technical issues have Been Implemented by the Developer and have no relation to the work of localization. HOWEVER, We ASSESS the Experience of Translation, and Because of These blunders, They Were not the Most Pleasant. Evaluation of Localization: 7


[*=left]spectacular audio-visual shell;
[*=left]Colombia - not only fascinating and beautiful, but also interesting to explore the city;
[*=left]the plot drags, continuing whirlwind transferring players from one event to another;
[*=left]stunning finale, which will remain in memory for very long;
[*=left]aerotrassy and talents Elizabeth significantly diversify the shooting.


[*=left]average level of complexity - is obscenely simple walk, not giving the game fully open as the shooter;
[*=left]the importance of energy as compared to BioShock has decreased significantly.

City in the Clouds filled with bright Light - so Dense That IT Seems you can touch. Hats off for the excellent style and Sustained Grotesque patriotic motifs in the Design.

Attention to Detail is just amazing - for example, the first clue That Represent Breaks May be Playing Music from Them. Everyone, Without exception, the heroes fit Their voices and Appropriate Sounding Effects, Soundtrack and the mellifluous.

Single player
Forward Action rushes like flying on aerotrasse tandem protagonists. The Narrative is not slack or marking time, Action is Willing, but the Story is Continually Evolving - just like A textbook.

Not provided.

General impression
Less than Three months, as We have developed Already A strong contender for the status of "Game of the Year." Something more than just A Shooter with fun and fascinating A Deep History - such Words We Say did not since the Release of BioShock.


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