View Full Version : Crytek supports developers TimeSplitters Rewind

Naveed A Lodhi
03-18-2013, 07:25 AM
TimeSplitters Rewind Manager, a Project Aimed to combine All That was best in Three parts of the series, Gave an Interview to Cooking with Grenades, Which Told a Lot of interesting Things. For example, Michael said Habika HIS Team is working with Crytek Closely - Give the staff willingly Developers Enthusiast the latest advice and help Solve Technical Problems Arise. Furthermore, in the Creation of TimeSplitters Rewind Involving People HAD a Hand in the development of the previous parts of the series. Habika Also Hopes to negotiate with Crytek About Bringing Actors voiced the characters TimeSplitters. Together with TimeSplitters Rewind Developers are going to Release an Editor with Which users CAN create Their Own Fashion, and levels.


And Will Support Dedicated Servers. At the start of TimeSplitters Rewind Will be Focused Only on the Multiplayer, but later in the game May Appear and the Story campaign, if this idea Will Support Crytek. Rewind While TimeSplitters Created Only for PC, but Habika not exclude the Possibility of Release on Consoles. The Final Decision Will be Taken After a series of beta tests. Testers Also help Determine the Feasibility of new Modes, Which Should Appear in TimeSplitters Rewind. Rewind Release Date TimeSplitters Habika Name CAN not yet, but He expects a beta That version of the game Will Appear later this Year. Finally Another Good News - TimeSplitters Will Rewind be distributed free of charge.