View Full Version : Supplement Dead Space 3: Awakening went on sale

Naveed A Lodhi
03-18-2013, 07:19 AM
The release of the add-on ęDead Space 3: The Awakening," which continues the story of Isaac Clarke and John Carver. At this time, the heroes will have to repair the ship "Terra Nova" to finally leave the hostile planet Tau Volantis and return to Earth. "Awakening" will be a direct continuation of the Dead Space 3 and, as promised by the developers will be much darker and more frightening than the main game. The heroes will have to face not only with the Necromorphs, but with the madness of Isaac, who was haunted by terrifying visions. "


" Dead Space 3: The Awakening "- one of the most creative and exciting creations of our team is a real test for the psyche of the players - the vice-president and CEO Steve Paputsis Visceral Games, Executive Producer, Dead Space 3. - In previous games in the series, we were subjected to Isaac Carver and a variety of tests, these characters have become seasoned veterans, the real experts on combating nightmares. We can not wait to see who have the courage to dive into the depths of horror hidden in addition "Awakening". " Supplement available at PlayStation Network and costs 345 rubles, a digital store Origin.com for 249 rubles or Xbox Live for 800 MS Points .