View Full Version : Creative director of Assassin's Creed returned to Ubisoft

Naveed A Lodhi
03-17-2013, 08:14 PM
A Half later, the Famous Designer Patrice Dezile (Patrice Désilets) returned to Ubisoft. Rumors of HIS Possible return for the first time Appeared on the Network in January, but this time the information is OFFICIALLY Confirmed.


In summer 2010, the creative Director of the first two parts of Assassin's Creed Has Decided to Leave Ubisoft, Referring to the Fact That He Wants a Break from the game. But just a Year later He joined the Studio of THQ Montreal. However, Cooperation Dezile with THQ did not Last. In December 2012 publisher into bankruptcy, and in January during a special auction THQ Montreal studio for $ 2.5 million bought Ubisoft.

Appeared the forums have this joke That Whole Deal just cranked to return Patrice. Assumed That It is with THQ Montreal, He Will Continue to work on Projects under the code 1666 Name and Underdog, over which the studio was working before going under the wing of Ubisoft.