View Full Version : Announced a new strategy in the universe of Warhammer 40000

Naveed A Lodhi
03-17-2013, 08:03 PM
Company Slitherine and Games Workshop have agreed to develop a new strategy in the Warhammer 40,000. At the moment we know that the game will be released on multiple platforms - both on the PC and on consoles.http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2013/03/15/642838/383120_kosmicheskij-desant_voin_ataka_vystrely_1920x1261_www.GdeFon.ru.jpg

Previously, the strategy in this universe produced studio Relic. But the game from Slitherine is completely different. This company specializes in turn-based strategy, both in the format of table games, as well as projects for PC and consoles. Therefore, the new game will be a turn-based strategy with an emphasis on the tactical component. Behind the development team work on the Field of Glory, Panzer Corps and Legion Arena.


According to the head Slitherine Group JD McNeal (JD McNeil), the studio project will not only attract a new audience of fans of fantasy and science fiction, but also because of the Warhammer 40,000 universe to say something new in the strategy genre. Details (both topical, and technical), and the estimated release date will be announced later.