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    Sunnat e RASOOL ALLAH Ke Hisaab se Hajj Ka Tareeka, Niyyat, Dua'en, Masa'ell in Urdu and English

    Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) Ki sunnah k hisaab se Hajj ka tareeka, Fazayel, Niyyat, Masaa'el sab kuch Urdu mein paish hai. Umeed hai is se Tamaam Musalmano'n ki Tas'hee ho gi INSHALLAH. Meri (Marhoom) Walida Mohtarma or mery Walid Mohtaram ki sehat k liye Dua Farmaeye ga us Muqaam pe Jaa k agar apko ye Tohfa pasand aey to. Naam to ap parh hi chukay hon gy lekin phir bhi Naveed Ahmad Lodhi name hai mera. Sirf mery Waalidain k liye dua farmaeye ga... Allah tamaam Musalmano'n ko Duniya or Akhirat me Fateh o Kamiyaabi or Aaala Muqaam ata Farmaey. Ameen ya RABBUL ALAMEEN.

    1) Hajj aur Umre ka Mukhtasar Tarika

    Download Complete PDF - Hajj Or Umra ka Mukhtasir Tareeka in Urdu

    2) Rafiqul Harmain - Hajj aur Umre ka Tarika in Urdu and English


    Dua for Reading the Book
    Transliteration Chart
    translator s Notes
    Suggestions for Hajj Pilgrims
    Additional Travelling Items
    Health Certificate
    When Should Pilgrims Travelling by Air Put On Ihram?
    Departure by Ship
    When Should Pilgrims Travelling by Sea Put On Ihram?
    For Refund of Travel Coupons
    A Parable
    How to Offer Salah During Journey?
    Excellence of Hajj
    70 Million Virtues on Every Step
    Risk of Death on Kufr -Disbelief
    Mysterious Haji
    How is it to Call Oneself Haji?
    How is it to Display a Hajj Congratulations Board?
    56 Terms
    There are 5 Miqat
    Places Where One s Dua is Accepted
    Types of Hajj
    Ihram of Islamic Sisters
    Intention for Hajj
    8 Madani Pearls of Labbaik
    Important Ruling Regarding Intention
    Meaning of Ihram
    Makruh acts in Ihram
    Permissible Acts in Ihram
    Difference in Ihram of Man and Woman
    Useful Cautions in Ihram
    Explanation of Haram
    Make Intention of Itikaf
    Most Virtuous Supplication
    Supplication of First Round
    Supplication of Second Round
    Supplication of Third Round
    Supplication of Fourth Round
    Supplication of Fifth Round
    Supplication of Sixth Round
    Supplication of Seventh Round
    Supplication of Maqam-u-Ibrahim
    Dua to be Made at Multazam
    An Important Ruling
    Recite This Dua After Drinking Zam Zam Water
    Wrong Way
    Dua of Mount Safa
    Intention of Sai
    Dua to be Recited between Green Marks
    Salah of Sai is Sunnah
    Advice for Those Performing Tawaf-ul-Qudum
    What to Do During Stay in Makkah?
    Very Important Caution
    Advice for Islamic Sisters
    Seven Makruh Acts During Tawaf
    Seven Permissible Acts During Sai and Tawaf
    Three Miscellaneous Rulings Regarding Sai
    Putting on Ihram of Hajj
    Leaving for Mina
    Alas! No Care is Taken
    Leaving for Arafat
    Entering Arafat
    Emphatic Advice of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
    Duas of Arafat
    It is Sunnah to Make Dua in Arafat Whilst Standing
    Dua of Arafat -English
    Freed from Sins
    Method of Offering Maghrib and Isha Salah in Combination

    Download Complete PDF - Rafiqul Harmain Shareefain - Hajj Or Umra ka Tareeka in Urdu

    Download Complete PDF - Rafiqul Harmain Shareefain - Hajj Or Umra ka Tareeka in English

    Read Online Here - Rafiqul Harmain Shareefain - Hajj Or Umra ka Tareeka in Urdu

    Read Online Here - Rafiqul Harmain Shareefain - Hajj Or Umra ka Tareeka in English
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